Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's All For Jeff!

Frequent visitor Jeff Hentosz has some questions and I have some answers:

Saturday...? Why, yes it is.

::checks calendar:: No need, I've acknowledged the fact.

::checks clock:: What time was it?

Where my multi-posts at? You might have to live with an archive.

::considers saying f' it and starting own blog again:: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

::discards idea for the pain in the balls it is, per weekly routine:: Boo!

Does anyone know if two kittens can even take down a healthy adult, let alone consume one? Even with a grown-up cat to help? Should we call NYPD? FDNY? CSI/FBI/IRS? The Directors Guild? There's a grown up kitty too!

Dominoes? I prefer chess.


::goes to rake leaves. or put up Xmas tree:: Those are the only two choices?

The truth is, I'm at a distinct loss for anything to blog about. In fact, yesterday is the first day since I started this here thing that an entire day went by without a post. I'm horrified.

So, today is not going to be a multipost (unless inspiration strikes and I change my mind). Today will be Inspire Nathan Day. That's right can drive the blog. Give me three words, (any three words) in the comments, and I'll write you a hysterical paragraph that uses those three words. So, go ahead. (Note: I'm counting on slow weekend visitorship to protect me from having to do too many of these. Note #2: No single commenter may load me up with a ridiculous number of hysterical paragraphs I have to write...just sayin, Michelle!)


Random Michelle K said...

I was just worried you'd been taken down by the ravening hoards we heard about in NY.


Michael and I are starting to look for a new stereo receiver (mine is about 18 years old) got any recommendations?

Nathan said...

My stereo's even older, so no help there. Get something shiny.

[pedant] Our hoards here rarely go ravening although our hordes frequently do [/pedant]

Janiece said...

A theme in the key of "S."




Nathan said...

For Janiece.

While touring La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie with her family, Heather was utterly bored and distracted until they all to a break for lunch. After perusing the menu, she thought to impress everyone with her growing command of the French language. "J'aurai le potage de seraglio et une partie d'apéritif de scientology, sil vous plait," she said to the astonished waiter.

Nathan said...

The "S" theme loses a little in the translation. :D

Random Michelle K said...

DAMN it! I KNOW that!

Tania said...

Mine is inspired by the breakfast I just made (4 hour time difference, and I slept in until 9:30)


Nathan said...

The Grand Ballroom had an elegant staircase at the entrance so all could be observed as they arrived. And so, it was no surprise that all eyes turned that way to note the arrival of Meredith Hutchinson, alone, yet unapologetic. She was a vision in varying shades of mocha, chestnut and russet. As she descended the stairs, one witness queried of another, "She makes everything look so perfect. What is that she's wearing." Her companion answered, "I do believe it's pancakes, bacon and syrup."

MWT said...

Let's see what you manage to come up with:



Nathan said...

Nathan overcame his acute triskedekaphobia in order to commit an act of defenstration on MWT over the outrage of being asked to use the word 'antidisestablishmentarianism' in a sentence. "Disestablish that!", he cried as MWT sailed to the waiting street.

Nathan said...

I didmean to include that said defenestration occurred on the thirteenth floor, but you'll have assumed that, non?

Anonymous said...


And btw - you're doing this wrong. You should be hoarding these and using them as standalone posts, not mere comments, for days when you're suffering writer's block. ;)

Anonymous said...

hoard - something that is stashed - like the dragon Smaug's hoard.

horde - a large unruly group, like the zombies Zach mows down in Left 4 Dead.

Sorry, I know my correction compulsion is annoying.

Random Michelle K said...

I know! I know! I know! It was a typing error! I promise!

MWT said...

But but but ... you said any words! No fair! o.O


Nathan said...


I'm actually going to have to look up your three. Two of them, I'd know in context...the third, I'm not sure I've ever even seen. I'll get back to you later.

Jeff Hentosz said...

1) I'm
2) an
3) inspiration

(BTW, I'm glad you're not, in fact, dead.)

Nathan said...

Jonathan gasped as the stitch in his sidereal lanced him with pain again. But he forced himself to keep running. Added to the pain was the post-sinusoidal drip that just wouldn't stop. He was feeling particularly in-sinecure today, but at least he wouldn't let a little pain slow him down.


Nice to know that folks worry about me moldering in a cave if I don't post every 24 hours or so. :D

Anonymous said...

That was the object, Nathan. And you managed to use each one of them amusingly and completely wrong! Well played. :)



Nathan said...

I did look them up to make sure I didn't inadvertently use one correctly. (Sinusoidal is the one I don't recall ever having seen before.)

John the Scientist said...

"Sinusoidal is the one I don't recall ever having seen before."


It's time for another math hijack thread!

Nathan, what is the formula for the cosine of an angle?

Nathan said...

Silly boy. You don't cosign for angles, you cosign for loans.

Tania said...

Oh no.

John, it's not a hijack thread. We'd be going off on a tangent.

I expected you to be a bit more acute about things mathematical.

(Stop me now. Please. This is why I hang out on ML, the horrible pun threads!)