Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Which Teufel Proves He's At Least Competent.

So, tonight, GF announces that she's taking the big bath. That's the one that is filled with lotions and potions and lots of luxuriating. Teufel decided that sitting on the ledge and reaching into the water for fish that only he could see was fun. He'd reach in up to his armpit (yes, cats have armpits), and then when he came away with nothing, he'd try with the other paw. I'm told he was having a great deal of fun.

Well, Teufel can't have fun without LuLu wanting to see what it's all about. So she joins him on the ledge. Only she doesn't really like the water as much. She tentatively touches the surface and then pulls her paw back like a hand that has touched fire. She decides that while it's one thing to get into the tub while it's still wet, it's another thing entirely to be perched up there above so much water.. She decides to leave.

And she falls in. The good thing about wet cats is that they're also really fast. Oh wait. That's not a good thing either.


Random Michelle K said...

I once startled one of my parents' cats so she fell into a sink full of soapy water.

We all about hurt ourselves laughing at her.

MWT said...

Hmm... possibly not the relaxation GF was looking for?

Nathan said...

Well sometimes you have to trade relaxing for entertaining.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Them cats got prickly parts. Did you have to go out for Band-Aids, or was EMS involved...?

(Naturally, I hope no skin was broken in the performance of this vaudeville. Because, man. Bahahahahaha...)

Anonymous said...

I hope GF wasn't in the tub yet - or if so, was uninjured in the Laurel and Hardy performance?

You know Teufel egged her on. And are you entirely certain he didn't add the teensiest little push?

Tania said...

The more I hear about him, the more I adore that cat.

Hope the GF made it out claw free.

mattw said...

Wait, but if a wet goes faster, wouldn't it then dry quicker?

Random Michelle K said...


My study has determined that yes, a faster moving cat dries more quickly.

Last time we got our cats bathed (I was not foolish enough to try this at home) Kat stalked back and forth in disdain and irritation (after yowling as if he was being pulled from limb to limb, the entire time he was being washed). Kit (who remained silent during the process) curled up in a pathetic ball.

Kat was relatively dry when we took him home. Kit was still extremely soggy.

neurondoc said...

We had the "Pink Water Incident of 2002" in my house. Our gray/white tuxedo kitty jumped into the laundry sink which, unknown to him, was full of pink water (I was doing a load of reds). I heard the most horrifying racket from the laundry room, and saw only a gray flash go up the stairs. We found the poor pathetic guy hiding behind the living room couch. We dried him as much as he allowed, then he disappeared. He came back about an hour later dry and super fluffy (there was Downy in the water). His white front was faintly pink for a few days.

Anonymous said...

Just to prove how much Kim loved me at one time, she waked into the bathroom and through the cat into the tub with me. Still had it's claws. There are things that shall never be forgotten. Same reaction from the cat that you guys are describing, as well as the same reaction from me.

Kim thought it was funny. Ha Ha.

Nathan said...

What's going on up there in the Wilson household that's forcing you to type with your feet?


kimby said...

Apparently the unique writing style that Keith has adopted for his blog involves some sort of alcohol...drunk commenting perhaps? (he says it is the Monday syndrome)

Nathan said...


This is the same guy who was bitching about your kids not being able to write with pen and pencil? Huh? Huh?


kimby said...

Isn't it frightening that he produces newspapers and magazines for a living?

That will teach him not to READ before he hits the send button