Sunday, November 16, 2008

Everybody Behave. There May Be Visitors Today.

On the one hand, it's Sunday, so traffic here should be really light today. On the other hand, I got an email from Michael Taylor a few days ago. He said some really nice things about the blog and told me he'd be recommending it today on his blog. My first reaction was, "Hey, Cool. My evil scheme to dominate the blogosphere is one step closer to fruition".

My first reaction was quickly followed by a second reaction..."OMFG, People I don't know are going to stop in and expect to see brilliance." Arggggggh, the pressure! I imagine most of his readers want to see Industry Stories...and I just don't have a brilliant industry story in my back pocket for today. Arggggggh, the pressure!

So, how do I go about introducing hordes of strangers to Polybloggimous? (You're sending hordes over, right Michael?) First of all, I think I should make sure they all know I'm a blurter...both in real life and online. I don't understand the bloggers (some of them friends of mine), who do massive amounts of research to write a post over the course of a week and then publish it after slaving over it, editing it, re-writing it, proofing it, and re-writing it again. I've been known to hit the "publish" button before I get the first three words of the headline written. I tend to publish everything about 5 minutes after the words fall out of my head. Blurter.

Here's a brief Bio:

I went to Emerson College starting in 1978 intending to be an actor. The guys running around with Super 8 cameras seemed to be having a lot more fun, so I switched majors. Soon, I decided that most of the courses I was taking were a waste of time (sometimes a cigar is a cigar, dear professor), and got a job at a lighting & grip rental house during my sophmore year. I proceeded to take half the course load and invent ways to get course credits for my job to get my B.S. and stayed there for 6 years. I moved to NY in 1986 intending to get out of commercials and into features. For no reason I've ever been able to figure out, somebody hired me to be their Location Manager on a music video. In 1991, Hollywood decided to boycott NY, so I moved to L.A. I got a phone call 3 hours ( I swear), after arriving there telling me to get on a plane to South Carolina for a job. Over the course of the next three years, I took airplane rides to pretty much every job site and worked a total of 4 days in L.A. County (also, I swear). In 1994, I decided I liked NY better and figured I could get on airplanes at LaGuardia or JFK just as easily. So, I'm back in Brooklyn and since early this year, I've been blogging the shit out of it.

Since I don't blog anonymously, you won't see a lot of inside dirt here. I prefer to remain employable. Most days, I just write whatever the hell pops into my head, but I try to tell at least a few war stories every month.

Here's a sampling of the film biz posts:

Singin’ in the Rain

The Legend of Al, John, Jack and Nathan

Filming the Flop Factor

Here are my reviews of a couple of Jefferey Deaver books from his Location Scout Mystery series, (One of my internetty friends asked me if they portrayed the biz realistically):

The Location Scout Series: An Early Report

Shallow Graves: A Review

And an example of random inanity:

Dominos Pizza Needs to Rot in Hell

And lest you think I'd dare run afoul of International Intertoobs Law, yes, there be cats.

Now, you're all caught up. To anyone who's new here, Welcome. To Michael, Thank You. And to everyone, including the Usual Suspects, go ahead and say something...I'm a total Comment Whore.


Anonymous said...

Not only a commment whore, but a cheap, easy, divertible, hijack-prone, hilarious comment whore. :)

Which is why everyone wants to go out with you on Saturday night, but I digress.

You forgot to mention that part of the reason you started your own blog was because you were so good at hijacking everyone else's comment threads, your friends begged you to start a blog, and so you finally decided to establish a permanent venue for your hijackery.

Janiece said...

And he's stabby. Oh my, yes.

::stab, stab::

Nathan said...


My pygmy marmoset can take your yappy little mutt any...

Oh, sorry. Did I go off topic there?

Random Michelle K said...

And he loves to get text messages! Don't forget that part

Random Michelle K said...

Hey, did he leave any chocolate out for the visitors?

Anonymous said...

Waving you a happy Hello as I drive on by fresh from that Juicer guy.

Nathan said...


I'm not planning to publish my cell number. Just sayin'. And please remember that chocolate is the daytime bribe. Night times are reserved for a wee bit o' the Irish.

Hey Wolferiver. Make yourself comfortable.

Random Michelle K said...

What fun is that?! ;)

And chocolate is an *anytime* treat. Though it does go well with whiskey.

Jim Wright said...

Well, I for one am deeply grateful that Nathan started this blog. Not for the movie insider crap - but for the detailed assessment of pizza delivery places in Brooklyn. :)

Well, that and the cat pictures.

John the Scientist said...

Dude. You forgot the Tofu Incident in your list of Greatest Hits. That has to be one of the all-time funniest thing's you've ever written, and I'm not saying that just because I was there.

Nathan said...

Here ya go, John. The Stinky Tofu Incident.

Eric said...

Now that it's tomorrow, do I still have to behave? I hate this little tie and my collar itches and these shoes hurt and this little hat makes me look stooooopid...!

Random Michelle K said...

(imagining a very large tie sneaking up behind Nathan and chomping him on the rear end)

Nathan said...

Well, I have a couple of ties. I'd just have to find them and ask 1993 for permission to borrow one.

Random Michelle K said...


One day, when you grow up, you'll be allowed to stay up and listen to the grown-ups talk.

Then you'll wish you'd gone to bed early and were reading the latest issue of The Hulk under the covers with a flashlight.

Nathan said...

When I was six or seven, my mother decided my siblings and cousins should perform that damned song for the old people at the rest home.

I was Gretl.

The sun has gone to bed and so must I.

Fuck that.

Eric said...

That made me laugh, Nathan.

Sorry to have brought up the traumatic and possibly-repressed childhood memories.

Michelle: is it sad and juvenile of me that I think one of the best things about being a grown-up is having money for graphic novels? I guess maybe that's a rhetorical question, since it won't change anything if the answer is "yes." :-)

Nathan said...



Good going.

Random Michelle K said...


You're asking the wrong person *that* question.

I currently read: Fables, Ex-Machina, Girl Genius, Runaways and Hellboy.


Anonymous said...

OK, way late, but I did find your blog through Michael Taylors. Although I have also seen your blog mentioned on others, and I think it was the Anon Prod Assistant that brought me here today.

Anways, glad I'm here.

Nathan said...

Well, that's fucked up, isn't it.

It was supposed to say, And we're all glad you showed up Chris.

It isn't nearly as snappy when you have to work so hard at posting it.