Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things We'd Be Just As Happy If He Hadn't Figured Out!

The list of things that Teufel is learning just keeps growing and growing. This morning he turned the faucet on in the tub.

We couldn't be prouder.


Random Michelle K said...

Glad I won't be paying your water bill.

Eric said...

Not to scare you, but you've seen this video, I assume?

Behold your future.

Nathan said...

If Teufel learns that one, I'll get video for your amusement and then, I'll promptly booby-trap the toilet.

When Ollie was little, before GF and I lived together, she came home once to find that Ollie had apparently turned on the hot water in the shower some hours earlier. The entire apartment was like a sauna with water droplet coming off the ceiling and all other surfaces.

kimby said...

Teufel is sounding very much like our old cat Asparagus. He loved baths, and you would have to lock the door when you were having one, since he learned to bang on the door hard enough to open it. He loved M&M'S and keith had one of the little statues that held the candy. You know the kind, where you pull on the red dude's arm and candy would come tumbling out. He learned how to pull the arm down....
he could open cupboards and often climbed into the ceiling by pushing up the tiles.
He was a handful, but I wouldn't have changed him for the world. We lost him a few years ago, but every now and then Lord Stanley will do something that makes you really wonder if reincarnation is not a real possibility.

BTW, Asparagus did mellow out as he got older, so maybe it is just the terrible toddler stage that Teufel is going through?

Tania said...

I am loving Teufel more and more every day.

Tracy said...

I love the Teufel stories, & would also like videos, especially of the towel climbing.
As for the laptop sitting, I had to set up a wooden cutting board that I velcroed to mine, since my cats love to lie on it because it's so warm. It was a pain opening & closing it all the time, since I leave it on all the time when I'm home.
I suggest measuring the base of the laptop, & getting a wooden one that's thick enough that their walking on won't press on the keys, & put a piece of velcro on each side.