Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I've voted in every election since 1978. I've voted in Florida, Massachusetts, California and New York.

I've never waited in line to vote before...never. And I don't mean I've waited in really short lines, I mean not any lines. Every election up to now, I've walked in, found the right table to sign in, done so, and voted. In and out in no time at all.

Today, I waited an hour. How cool is that?

I could tell that there were a hell of a lot of first time voters because they had friends along taking pictures of them entering the booth. Lots of people walking around with massive grins today. I don't know if it's the realization that we're close to being done with Bush, or the prospect of replacing him with Obama, or both, but I've never seen people so happy to stand in line and wait. If McCain scores into double digits in my district, I'll be shocked.

I know the rest of the country isn't so stacked in one direction, but I do hope and expect that the number of voters in this election shatters all previous records. And I hope Obama takes it by a staggering landslide...both in the popular vote and in the Electoral College. I want it to be a win of such staggering proportions that no-one can doubt its validity.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty happy right now.


Random Michelle K said...

I VOTED! I Voted!

And I had to wait as well!

Of course my line was 4 people, but still, that's a first!

And I also have voted in every presedential primary and election and congressional election since I turned 18.


MWT said...

Yay voting! :)

(I didn't wait in any lines, but that's because I did it from home and mailed it in... two weeks ago...)

neurondoc said...

I've voted in every election, including mid-terms since 1984. I've voted in NJ, upstate NY, PA, and MD. Weirdly, this was the first time that I *didn't* have to stand in line, although I think that is a function of the time of day (3 pm), instead of before or after typical work hours.


neurondoc said...

Nathan, I should send you to my aunt's place for her election party (Upper West Side). She is a professional cook and makes the most amazing feast of comfort food for her election party. I promise -- no stinky tofu! If I can't be there, I should send someone to represent me... :-)

kimby said...

It warms my heart to hear all of you say that you have voted! With such a poor voter turnout in our own election, perhaps we can learn something from our American friends.

GO Obama Go (i know it means nothing coming from someone who can't vote, but i like being able to say it)

Nathan said...


I've never seen anything like it. This one is something special.

On the news tonight they did a story about a bunch of newly minted citizens and how excited they were to be voting for the first times in their lives.

Tracy said...

I love the thought of people taking pics of their friends voting. How cute.
I didn't have to wait. I live in a small town, which is divided by a county line, so our polling place is small. I was handing out Dem sample ballots all afternoon, & was told that the registered voters in our portion was 1500 something. By the time I left @ 5, 800 some people had voted, w/ 3 hours to go! Staggering. I drove past on my way to work & the line was out to the curb, but during my time it was just steady, with only a 5-10 minute wait.
A Rep volunteer (boo hiss) came to hand out ballots & said larger polling places had long lines stretching around the buildings. Awesome to see.
Saw lots of young voters today, great to see.
CNN has projected PA to Obama!!!!!!!!!! Whoo whoo!!!!!!! GOBAMA!
I've been a nervous wreck all day, can't eat, can't sit still. I'm afraid to be confident & get my hopes too high.

Tracy said...

Deliriously happy here!!!!!!!! We did it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As much as I don't support his policies, nor his methods, I will hope for the best under our new President, Barack Obama.

What I am proud of today it America's determination to be the cutting edge force in the world, as we have done something virtually no other nation has ever done: We have elected a person of a minority race to the highest office in the land.

I would like to, on behalf of conservatives out there who will join me in wishing God Speed to Mr. Obama, and may the world that has criticized us as being a backward nation, take a good, long look at THEMselves, and realize that it will be a very long time before they have the fortitude to do what America has just done. France, Germany, other European Nations, you are challenged to show that YOU have got what it takes to be progressive, with more than just the empty rhetoric you have spewed in the direction of America.

Best of luck, Mr. President-Elect. We may not agree on policy, and you may have not received my vote, but I am pulling for your and your upcoming administration.

Nathan said...


Thank you for taking the same attitude that John McCain did last night in what I thought was a most gracious and thoughtful speech. He regained much of the respect that I had for him before the campaign began.

You and I aren't likely to agree on Obama any time in the near future, but I'm optimistic that he'll redeem himself in the eyes of many who voted against him. That having been said, this is the first time in recent memory that I feel like America has challenged the rest of the world with our example and I'm deeply proud of that.

Tracy said...

Thank you leanright, that was moving. I agree with Nathan that it's in the vein of McCain's speech last night, which I found to be very impressive. I actually really respected him & liked him after that. If he had been speaking like that for the last few months, he might have had more of a chance.