Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag. You're It!

Let's talk about tags or labels or keywords or whatever you wanna call 'em. You know, those little category things most of you attach to each entry. I was using them when I first started this blog, but then I got lazy and stopped doing it. Actually, I just plain-old forgot and then I wasn't sure whether or not to bother with them. And I sure as hell wasn't going back and tagging my previous entries.

So, my question is...should I start using them again? And if so, why? What does it actually do? If you're on my blog and use the search-blog window, that's pretty good at finding stuff. And people searching Google certainly seem to find their way here easily enough. Your input will be appreciated. (Note: The tag for this post is a pre-existing tag for my blog. Go figure.)

In other housekeeping notes, I'm going to be updating my sidebars this weekend. Look for some new blogs to be showing up there. I may also do a major overhaul on the look of the thing. I'm a little tired of the current look. Suggestions and requests will be considered.

Have you noticed it's a little quiet on the intertoobs today? Has everybody's idea machine temporarily dried up in the aftermath of the election? I really was trying to think of something great to write about today, and this is all I could come up with. Bah!


Random Michelle K said...


I've got a hot game of word association going over at my place.

Anonymous said...

There are two things - categories, which can be used to actually pull indexed lists of blog posts. I use these.

Then there are tags, which can theoretically improve your technorati ranking, optimize your searchability, etc. And, it seems to be what Jim and Tania and a couple of other have a ton of fun with using creatively at the end of a post.

If you used them I'm sure they would make us laugh. If you didn't use them, the lack of technorati impact would make no difference in our D-list blogging circlies.

I've thought about using them for fun but then realized I'd have to mess with my template - so the heck with it. You should be able to without any modifications.

Nathan said...

So, the thing that's called a "Label" (see end of post) that a category or a tag?

Ilya said...

"Label", I think, is just a different term the Blogger invented to mess with your head, Nathan. I suppose it's where your "tags" would be shown.

Eric said...

I use tags for fun and also for organization, since they sometimes help me find old posts faster if I need to go back and see if I've done something before or should cross-reference. And theoretically, a reader who wants to see all blogs on a topic can click the tag to see all the articles with that tag, so that can be useful (though I don't know how often it actually happens).

But do what works for you, man. It's all good.