Saturday, November 8, 2008

Iz In Ur Blogz, Stealin Ur Kontenz! Volume II.

He's twelve years old. That's really all I've got to say. HE'S TWELVE. (OK, I also think "twelve" looks funny when you type it out.)

Here's the link to his own YouTube page.

And here's where I stole this content from.


MWT said...

Cool. :)

My best advice for the kid - KEEP PRACTICING!!! No you will never be good enough to not need practice. And don't stop playing just because someone else comes along that looks better than you.

(*cough* not that I would know anything about that *cough*)

Anonymous said...

You're right...TWELVE does look funny when you type it out. Why did "teens" not start until "thirteen"? Why is there not "oneteen" or "twoteen"?

We should ask Eric on his blog..Lord knows he'll have a 50,000 word answer, well thought out, with complete references.

We should just call him.."the source"

Anonymous said...

now I stay in touch..