Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nobody Said I Can't Have a Wednesday MultiPost.

Oblibatory Turkey Talk

This place is in my neighborhood a couple of blocks from home. Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, they've got a huge line of people waiting to pick up turkeys. They don't take orders in advance for pick up, so it's first come, first served. I've never gotten a whole turkey from them, but I have had their takeout meals and those are pretty terrific. As of 2:00pm when I walked by, the line was a block long and threatening to wrap around the corner.

You can also have one of their whole birds shipped pretty much anywhere UPS goes (I think). A couple of days ago, I saw a huge wall of stacked up boxes being loaded into to UPS trucks. Hey, maybe you want one of these for Christmas. They certainly have some interesting flavors.

What are we doing here? I'll be brining the bird tonight from a recipe GF found a couple of years ago. It comes out really tasty.

Hey, that's what I've got for you right now.

Surprise, surprise.

Guess what? It turns out The Hollywood Juicer is a closet stargazer. (OK, the closet part is just would he see anything?)


Random Michelle K said...

We've brined our last several turkeys, and they were nice and juicy.


John the Scientist said...

Also bringing here.

Nathan said...

Possibly an extra 'g' in there?

Random Michelle K said...

Glad you parsed that Nathan. Else I'd have continued to sit here and try to figure out what the hell John was bringing you. :)

Anonymous said...

We're always pulled too many different directions on Thanksgiving Eve to figure out exactly what to brine our turkey in. A cooler? A 5 gallon bucket? My canning hot water bath? Plastic bags? So we say the heck with it - and we're usually happy with it anyway.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Don't all jump to conclusions. It may very well be that John is having sheaths for T'day.

It's officially Thursday (EST) now, so -- Happy Thanksgiving, you'ns!

Eric said...

On my own this year, which I like, because I roast a duck on Thanksgiving. Nomnomnom.

Random Michelle K said...

Jeri, we discovered that my stock pot is perfect for brining a turkey. We needed up having to buy a larger stock pot last year, but that's good because it's a much nicer stock pot.

And it'll be out anyway for making stock after dinner, so it's perfect.