Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Inexplicable Problems

My wireless router is killing me. First we thought it was a problem with my airport, but the guy at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store said check the router settings. I checked the router settings. I changed something because I was following the instructions. I hit 'restart device'.

The device (my router) ceased to exist as a network on my WiFi hit list. Motorola's 'email us' button just takes you back to the FAQ page. I can't sign in to the router's IP because the password doesn't work anymore.

Apple says it's Verizon's fault.

I'm piggybacking on the neighbor's WiFi and I'll be getting a new router tomorrow. (Yeah, and I'm gonna make sure I put the User Manual somewhere I can find it again.)


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Random Michelle K said...

If you have someone set up your wireless, make sure you write down your id and password if you decide to secure your router.

If you don't have someone help you set it up, and would like some advice, Michael and I may be able to help you out. Lemme know.