Monday, June 30, 2008

And Another Thing.

I saw this abomination today! A man was driving it. I think that's even worse than wearing your pajamas to the air show.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he earned it by selling Mary Kay?

Nathan said...

I don't care how he got's just so wrong.

John the Scientist said...

OK. I usually type "nathansmusings" directly in the URL line.

Today I typed "natansmusings" and got this.

Before I realized it was not OUR Nathan, my head nearly exploded.

MWT said...

Nathan as an inane schoolkid! :D

Nathan said...


That site is HA HA, so totally awesome. I'm gonna stop posting here and just tell everyone to go there instead cuz that guy HA HA is so much awesomer that I ever could be.

Later folks. I've gotta go back and worship the new teachguy.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Re: the car --

Pepto-Bismol has a new car wash concept they're testing in major cities. You didn't hear? The thing needs purple tires, though, and a styrofoam unicorn impaled on the antenna. That would be stylin'!

Re: your alternate universe blog --

::WHISTLE:: ::red flag:: That dude used the word "chillax" as recently as two months ago. He must therefore submit to having the interwebz removed from his computer. For his own good, you understand.

Eric said...

And the truth is now out: the "top secret" movie Nathan didn't want to tell us about is a remake of National Lampoon's Vacation; he couldn't keep the new version of the Griswold's Wagon Queen Family Truckster to himself, so he's sharing this photo he snuck out with under the pretense that he "just sort of happened to randomly see it." Sure he did. He saw it alright--on a movie set, being driven by Tim Allen or Bernie Mac or whoever it is they've cast in the role Chevy Chase made famous.

I gotta say, I know this choice will be controversial, kinda like the new Batmobile design they introduced in Batman Begins, but I think when audiences see this piece of crap oodling down the highway with a dead grandmother on top, they're going to piss themselves laughing.

Nathan said...

message to my bizzaro-world blogger alterego,

If you followed all the new hits and ended up here, don't feel insulted. We're actually a bunch of old farts here and you don't really have to pay attention to anything we say.

And yes Eric, you're genius detecting-foo has rooted out the truth. Except this time, Chevy Chase is doing a cameo and will be dead-grandpa on the roof.

vince said...

Maybe he had to drive it 'cause his car is in the shop and all he has is his wifes/girlfriends/significant others car to drive and is really very embarrassed that he has to drive it and is like so going to demand some reparation for having to do so that may involve chocolate or monkey sex or both or neither.

Just a theory.

Chris said...

I'm guessing he's really passionate about breast can awareness. Look at the ribbons on the back of the van.

Besides, why else would ANYONE drive a pink minivan?

Random Michelle K said...

Because you could find it really easily in any parking lot?