Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Should Get Interesting

I have news! But before I get to that, I just want to acknowledge the fantastically, awesomely whimsical logo that Random Michelle has designed for the U.C.F. which you can see right over there at the top of my sidebar. I have it linked to the full sized image and I think I'm gonna leave it there like forever. I like it a lot. I may also have to come up with the ultimate post defining the U.C.F. which, as we all know, is kind of hard to really pin down. But it would be nice if the logo linked to an explanation for newcomers. Well, that's for later.

Toward the end of last year, there was a thread on Whateveresque asking how bloggers kept at it. I responded that I didn't think I had it in me to be any kind of blogger, because, among other things, I can't really talk about projects I'm working on and that's what would be fun to talk about...you know, juicy inside stuff. Well, about a month after saying that, Polybloggimous was born and well, you know...I've become a seriously dedicated blurter.

I've solved my "talking about movies" issues by either being generic, talking about stuff that happened long enough ago that nobody cares, or by talking about people who, if they didn't like what I was revealing, could, in my opinion, suck eggs anyway. Since starting this blog in January, I've only worked on a bunch of smaller jobs...folks coming to NY to shoot only a portion of their TV show or movie. And I've been doing the show I mentioned about NYPD Detectives.

Not to detract from any of these, but they are, in my mind, what I do between real jobs in order to eat. Well, today I went in to interview for a real movie. And the interview turned out to be not much of an interview, since the Producer, instead of asking me any questions or studying my resume, just started telling me which locations he'd like to see first. Turns out I had the job before I walked in the door. (In fairness, I've known the Production Manager for 20+ years so that might have had something to do with it.)

At any rate, I start a new movie next week. I'll be replacing myself on the Detective show.

Now, here's the part where it could get interesting. I'm going to have to be extremely selective figuring out what I can tell you about. For instance, I'm not going to tell you the name of the movie or what it's about yet, because it isn't even listed on IMDB yet. They haven't hired a Director and they haven't cast any of the roles yet. In fact, aside from the Production Manager, I'm the first person on the job.

I'm also going to read my Deal Memo very carefully to make sure I don't do anything stupid that might open me up to dire consequences like getting fired or sued.

Here's the little bit I can tell you about the movie:

  • In spite of the fact that no network has had a weekly movie in decades, we still call this type of project an MOW (Movie of the Week).
  • It will air on one of the broadcast networks so all of you will be able to see it for free!
  • It's a Romantic Comedy.
  • I read the script over the weekend and I liked it a lot.
I know that I'll feel comfortable telling you the title and some other innocuous details when they're readily available from other sources. I just don't know what other types of things I'll feel comfortable talking about. We'll just have to see, won't we. Like I said, this should get interesting.


Anne C. said...

Heh. This is a lot like me and my determination to not say too much about the dating thing. Which means it's my turn to be the organ grinder...

Dance monkey! We want sordid stories about movie stars doing crack in their trailers and literally chewing the scenery!

Tania said...

Doesn't this mean I could THEORETICALLY check out your IMDB listing in a week or two and find out what you're working on? Just saying....

Nathan said...

I won't be the one to inform IMDB that the movie's happening. I think they watch the Trades to see announcements about directors being attached and/or actors signing on.

I also don't update my own listing until there are at least a few other crew already listed...and by then, they usually already list me. I don't know where they get that info.

I'm betting it'll be close to a month before I'm listed.

neurondoc said...

Nifty. Congrats. So, now what movie is it? :-)

Nathan said...


Neurondoc is about to receive a nifty new line on the UCF organizational chart...and a box of Cat-Yack!

Eric said...

Yeah, don't follow the lead of that kid who parlayed his tiny bit part of a dancing soldier in Temple Of The Crystal Skull into a permanent non-acting career by talking about his scene to his small hometown local paper before the movie came out. Seriously, keep mum and don't tell us a thing until this whatever-it-is airs. No sense in getting on someone's blacklist over a blog....

mattw said...

Congratulations on the new gig. Also, Michelle's logo looks pretty damn spiffy.

Nathan said...


I won't, under any circumstances be giving away any spoilers. Even if I have permission, I doubt I'd ever talk about story points other than the most general idea of what the movie is about, (i.e. less info than you'd see in a trailer).

And if I was working on a Spielberg extravaganza, I'd probably put up the following post: "Steven loves me...talk to you next year".

Anonymous said...

Very cool that you have a sizeable gig! We look forward to great stories ten years from now. ;)