Monday, June 2, 2008

More Charlotte Misner

As I mentioned, chapter one went up on Saturday over here. Well, guess what, Kate has already written Chapter Two. I don't know if the website is wonky or if both Kate and I are incompetent, but she couldn't make it take her post either. So, we've emailed it off to Tom (who should be really thrilled, just about now that he graciously set up the site).

A couple of things. First, a reminder to date your post at least one minute earlier than the chapter that precedes yours...that way they stay in reading order. Second, I'll email them, but Jeri is now at bat and Michelle is on deck.

Lastly I don't want to pick nits, (especially since I really like the direction Kate sent our story), but I can see where keeping details consistent is going to be difficult sooner rather than later. I'm wondering if anyone would volunteer to prepare and maintain a "Bible" for the story?...notes about who is who, how old, etc. etc. Include personal descriptions when they've been given so someone three chapters down the line doesn't have some tall skinny character get stuck on the toilet because of his fat ass. You know, that sort of stuff that we can all refer back to to keep things straight.

If anyone is willing to do this, I think we ought to put it on the tail end of the story where it won't get in the way, but where we'll all know how to find it if we're looking for a detail.

Oh, and as long as we're on the subject of details, although I failed to make the reference, Chapter One (and Two -- that doesn't count as a spoiler), take place in late spring or early summer of 1942, early in the war effort.


MWT said...

Hmmm... yeah. The details issue is just going to get worse, the farther along it goes. That's one of the main reasons why I'm hesitant about joining in - keeping consistency was hard enough with the first one, when we didn't actually need to.

As for noteskeeping: just to warn any volunteers what they're getting into before they casually throw themselves in - if you really want to do it right, it's a lot of boring, thankless work. Think about how much actual time you have to commit to the story before going for it.

Nathan said...


First of all, how dare you inform people what's involved and warn them!

Second...I'll thank them.

I might even send cookies.

(This is very much like when I used to get asked to work on music videos for 1/2 my usual rate with the oft repeated, "it's a really cool up and coming band and it'll be fun". That really meant, it was a band no one had ever heard of (or would) and we'd shoot for 28 hours because everyone involved was a bunch of rank amateurs.)

vince said...

As long as everyone isn't as fast as Kate, I'll take on the continuity job.

Nathan said...


Excellent and Thanks. (See, I'm being thankful already.)

Tom said...

Vince, that means you need to register. Go to the Write Blog ( where the Register link is on the bottom right. Then I'll give you permission to post.

I'll help with blog issues, and stuff.

vince said...

I've registered and will start working on the story bible tonight.

kimby said...

Hey Vince...where is that Blog you were going to start? Don't you think it is about time you took that leap?

vince said...

Kimby, slow and steady wins the race. I actually have Wordpress installed. Now I just gotta get all the setting up done and figured out, and life has to cooperate.

Nathan said...

Everybody please tell Vince how much he rocks for taking on bible duties...cause MWT is right about it being a bear of a job.

Yay Vince.

mattw said...

I was going to take some notes for myself, but now thanks to Vince I don't have to.

Yay Vince!

MWT said...

*is still traumatized from the time I casually volunteered to synopsize a fast-paced game back in 2003*

Anonymous said...

I mentioned this on Tom's site but I'd like two different docs kept. The story bible will be really helpful - but I also think sharing any background research we do on the period or other details will help with both continuity and plot generation. (I wanna see Kate's youtube videos re: the war effort!)

I'm not sure the best way to maintain a background research bulletin board - but I'd be glad to coordinate that because I'm a total research fiend. :) Or maybe it can be a different section of Tom's blog.

Let me know if you think of any ideas.

Anonymous said...

Oh - and yeah Vince! Both for volunteering for the story bible AND for moving forward with your own blog!

Nathan said...


That's a great idea that never even remotely occurred to me. I think it belongs on the 'write' blog right under the bible.

I know I did some fairly ineffectual research, just said the hell with it, and wrote the opening chapter. Cause it was time to start.

vince said...

First draft of the Story Bible is posted. There's a few quirks I had to get used to while posting it, but I posted it all by myself. Aren't you proud of me?

Nathan said...

I know I keep saying thanks (like I said I would), but I really mean it. This is excellent of you.

I'm gonna go over and take a look. I'll let you know over there if I have any comments.