Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When In Doubt, Put Up A Picture!

No idea where this came from. Credit will be cheerfully awarded to the first batshit crazy person who stomps in and claims it.


Janiece said...

Oh. My.

As weird as it makes me, I love this photo!

Anne C. said...

I guess that means I'm weird too.

The trolls are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Um. Wow.

It's like something Kevin Spacey would do in Seven.

Random Michelle K said...


I always hated Barbie.

Nathan said...

Does it say anything about me that it never even occurred to me that I might be weird for thinking it's funny?

Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, I've never watched much TV, but once caught an Rosanne episode. What I loved was the conclusion where you realized the son was in the basement sawing the heads off of Barbie dolls.

I thought that was the best thing ever.

If that makes me weird, I'm all for embracing it.

kimby said...

Living with a 7 yr old GIRLY GIRL...that damn pink princess barbie resides here...would it be too much to ask the trolls if they needed another sacrifice to PLEASE come to Canada....i'll have her wrapped up and waiting!

LOVE the photo!

MWT said...


Girly girls everywhere would be traumatized by that one. :D