Monday, June 30, 2008

Blatherations...Yeah, it's just stuff that popped into my head.

First, the car I'm driving on this show is a Hyundai Sonata. I would have never figured it would be such a nice car. It's a rocket, steers like it's on rails and it's really comfortable. It's got a sun roof, a place to plug in my iPod and cup holders out the ass! And it's got XM satellite radio. I'll admit, I'm never going to listen to 80% of those stations, but hey, they're there. It also has these stations dedicated to various decades, the 40's through the 90's, one for each decade. I want to know who decided the 30's didn't need a station. There's got to be somebody out there jonesing for some Fletcher Henderson or The Mills Brothers.

Anyway, the 70's station is my favorite. It's like once an hour, you can listen to rock music start out really cool then turn to shit and die!

Also, I've come to the realization that I probably will never come up with that killer idea that makes me my fortune. And I'm not talking flash in the pan crap like Pet Rocks or Mood Rings or even Chia Pets. I'm also not talking about anything from Ronco or Popiel.

I'm talking the big stuff. Why won't I come up with anything huge? Because if you described a number of things to me before someone invented them or organized them, I'd think you were nuts. If I'd been hanging out with Alexander Graham Bell when he wanted to "talk over wires", I'd have suggested he cut back on the Laudinum.

The first time I saw someone downloading a picture off the, my reaction was, "Yeah, that's gonna catch on".

I can imagine me having a cup of coffee with Fred Smith in 1973.

Me: Now let me get this straight you bought a bunch of airplanes and trucks and vans.

F.S.: Yup.

Me: And you're planning to pick up packages in 20-25 cities every day, and fly them all to Memphis.

F.S.: Yup.

Me: And then you're gonna fly all the stuff back out again and deliver them before 10 in the morning.

F.S.: That's the plan.

Me: Even if the package is only going 10 blocks?

F.S.: Everything goes to Memphis...every night. It's the simplicity that will make it work.

Me: Good luck with that, Fred.

Is it strange to make a living the way I do with such a staggering lack of imagination?

Oh, and I forgot to mention...Tom has posted Chapter Six for Charlotte Misner! Go read it!

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