Friday, June 13, 2008

Apparently, I'm Supposed To Show You My Cats On Friday! Who knew?

LuLu in a kindly voice: Show me where the food is and I'll be all cuddly and stuff!

Teufel: Fuck the cuddles! Have I shown you my claws?

This has been a presentation of Friday Night Cat-e-ry


Random Michelle K said...

At least Teufel no longer looks like he's suffering from mange or has been attacked by a belt sander!

Sub-Tropicaligal said...

AAAaaaWWWWWWWW that is Cat Bloggimously F**ckin CUTE. Not addicted yet. Just a mild recreational use.

Nathan said...


That's actually a picture from a few weeks ago. Teufel currently looks like he has no new pics for a while. and LuLu has caught it on her nose. She looks like Carl Maulden.


Yeah, right. Whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

They're just disgustingly cute. Can you just tie bricks on their heads so that they don't grow any more?