Monday, June 2, 2008

Teuful Is Going To The Vet This Morning.

One of two things is going on here. Either LuLu is beating the living crap out of Teufel...or Teuful has that flesh eating virus. I don't know which, so I'm taking him to the vet this morning. Witness the fat lip (see that mark on his muzzle? Look at the space under his right eye. No...the other right! His right eye which is the one to the left in the photo. I can swear he's got a black eye.

More documentation. (He's in my backpack, by the way.)

And how about this spot of rug-rash over his left eye. There's another spot on the top of his head that you can't see in any of these photos.

And here's the probable culprit. LuLu...domestic abuser. Doesn't she look vicious?

Widget wants no part of any of this. She's sleeping in the armoire.

Update: The diagnosis is in...and it's ringworm. Yay, ringworm. At any rate, I left him at the vet to get dipped, which is the cure. LuLu doesn't have it and Widget shows no signs, but I'll keep an eye on her. And the best part of it? The vet told me that Teufel is going to stink of sulfur when I pick him up. Oh joy!


Chris said...

Hey, at least it's a treatable illness, be happy about that :)

Eric said...

They open a portal to Hell and the Devil takes the ringworms, leaving behind the inevitable reek of brimstone that signifies His Satanic Majesty's unholy presence. As to what the Devil does with the ringworms... you don't want to know, brothers and sisters, you do not want to know....

Nathan said...

Well, ringworm is misnamed because it's actually a fungus. The stuff they dip him in is sulfa-based. (And I'd have thought that Mister High-and-mighty-science-guy would have known that.) :D

Random Michelle K said...

Doesn't he have to get treated again after so many weeks, to make sure the ringworm doesn't come back?

Or is that hookworm?

Nathan said...


I just picked him up from the vet and yes, I've been informed that I need to bring him back in two weeks for another dipping. And possibly again after that. And possibly even another time after that.


Oh, and the vile, putrid odor. I so wish I could blog in smell-a-vision so I could share with you. Guess which cat doesn't get to sleep anywhere near my pillow for quite some time.

And I've got to keep an eye on LuLu and Widget, because it's not very hard to pass it on. On the good side, the vet said that most adult cats and some kittens have a natural resistance, so if they don't have it yet, odds are they won't catch it.

And did I mention the smell?

Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, when we first got Kit, she'd been living over a ferret cage.

It took weeks for the smell to wear off. :)