Thursday, June 5, 2008

Enough With The Cute Already!

I'm guilty!

Yes, I've posted cute kitty pictures. Here's a link to a bazillion more cute kitties courtesy of The Swivet. I'm too lazy to find all the links, but early in the life of this blog, I proudly shamed a bunch of other people into posting pictures of their cute kitties.

Shawn Powers recently posted video of his puppy. Needless to say, said puppy is so cute that watching him in action could cause your blood sugar to spike and cause a diabetic coma. You've been warned.

But really guys! Hasn't there been enough cute? What about the ugly animals? Don't they deserve some exposure. What did they ever do to warrant so little of our attention. I say, let's celebrate these unfortunate beasts who don't have the ability to inspire choruses of "Awwwwww!"

And I invite you to find pictures of these unfortunate beasts. Post the pics in my comments. Paste in links if you can't embed the pictures (he said as he realized he has no earthly idea how to embed a picture in a Blogger comments thread). Post them on your own blog. Hell, start a thread on the 'e' and post 'em there. But for the sake of all that's holy, pleeeeeeeeze post a picture of an animal that may not inspire the masses to fall all over themselves wishing to take it home. Give the homely some love!

I'll start...with a lovely photo of a bison...(steak).

Oooh! Couldn't you just eat him up?


Random Michelle K said...


Janiece said...

Remember what happened the last time you guys got all pushy about this:

Tom said...

Just because poor T-cat is fungusy and stinky, and not currently cute doesn't mean you get to require us to join you in your misery!

Uh uh! Not gonna happen.

Nathan said...

Oh, C'mon know you want to!

Nathan said...

Janiece...You're link worked in the email, so I know it's funny, but it doesn't work here in the comments. Wanna try again? or shorten it at TinyURL?

MWT said...

That's okay, it doesn't need to work here. I can live without seeing those again. ;)

Nathan said...


When I linked from the email it rated a snort. It's totally the kind of thing I was thinking about.

Tom said...

Well, OK. Here's an Ewwwww!

Domestic Long-Hair

Eric said...

This reminds me of something I was pondering last weekend. I was out on the trails at the Whitewater Center, and I saw an animal crossing the trail, one that I think was utterly gorgeous but that would have given some folks I know the screaming heebie-jeebies and is often used as a menacing threat in various action films (with a pedigree of evil going back thousands of years). And I was thinking it was unfair, because one of the things this fine, misunderstood creature does is serve man by eliminating a horrible threat to our species.

This vile monster is a vicious enemy of mankind. Left to its own devices, it will devour crops, bring the germs from our own garbage back into our homes, cause property damage, serve as a virus resevoir for plagues, and generally make a nuisance of itself.

Meanwhile, this beauty, a cousin of the one I saw crossing a trail last weekend, is hated and despised by hundreds of millions of terrified human beings despite being a gentle ally of our kind.

Is it fair? Not at all. I'll admit I find the tiny monsters adorable (Who has a widdle pink nose? Yes, you do! Awwwww!), but the damage they've caused to humanity is incalculable. Meanwhile, we have this peaceful friend of man and yet the first instinct of a lot of people is to run or stand on a chair or try to decapitate it's representatives on sight. (Sure, a few cousins are poisonous and aggressive--so stay away from them and let them do their thing, eh?)

So, in the spirit of Nathan's post, let's take a second to be grateful for the unpopular critters who serve man however unconsciously, and to remember that just because something is cute and lovable doesn't mean it's our friend.

Eric said...

Sheesh, I go back and read the website that went with the second photograph I included, and it's a blog entry about how they indeed decapitated a snake and hope it hadn't laid any eggs. My point. Sometimes it sucks to be right about something.