Monday, June 9, 2008

Yeah, I Get It. It's Hot!

I grew up in Florida, so wind-chill wasn't something I heard a lot about in my youth. When I moved to Boston to go to college, I found it to be a reasonably useful bit of info. If it's gonna be windy while it's cold, I might want a scarf for my face.

So, we're having a heat wave here in NY. Four days in a row in the high Nineties. Guess what. I don't need your friggin Heat Index or Real Feel temperature. Of what possible use is it to me to know that it's 97º but it feels like 6000º.

This is not helpful...keep it to yourself!


kimby said...

...Um..forgot to finish the rest of the post?
(you mean this wasn't a fill in the blank post?)

Random Michelle K said...


Nathan said...

That's like four days in a row that I get a partial title and then hit the wrong button.

Stupid fingers.

Random Michelle K said...

You know how I know gas prices are bad?

It's 6:00 PM. It's 91 F. And more than 50% of the cars driving by have all their windows unrolled.

MWT said...

Heh, except for very long road trips (over 4 hours), I haven't used AC in my car since it was $2/gallon. But I have a relatively high heat tolerance. Also, I keep my gas heat down at 68 degrees in the winter. Sadly I do not have a high cold tolerance, so I end up wearing a lot of clothes in the winter.

Random Michelle K said...


I'm the opposite. I really hate to be hot (one of the reasons I don't walk to work, because then I start the day all sweaty and irritable.)

68 is the temperature when we're home (although it jumps to 72 for two hours in the morning, to help force me out of bed [automatic thermostats are the best]) but at night it drops to 58. Which is close to the perfect sleeping temperature as far as I'm concerned.

But heat? No thanks.

Apparently my Eastern European genes control my thermal regulation. :)

MWT said...

Yep. I was definitely meant to be a tropical creature. ;)