Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Bother?

Between the news that the world is coming to an end today and the fact that I'm only drawing one paycheck again, it hardly seems worth getting out of bed.

Update, 7:15 a.m.: After setting up the new sidebar showing who's posted most recently on their blogs, I started looking at the most recent posts. Shawn, who needs to be reminded to feed his drug habit, had this to say yesterday:

I Last Took Medicine On

Wednesday. Wednesday is a fun word to spell, BTW.

You might also enjoy typing minimum. All the letters get typed by two fingers on your right hand. Go ahead and try it. Maximum fun typing minimum!

Update again, 7:22 a.m.: I mentioned yesterday and just a few minutes ago that I was putting that thing on my sidebar that shows recent posts on blogs I like. I also left up a separate set of links to some other sites I visit fairly regularly. First of all...Damn, I have too long a list of stuff to look at on a regular basis. Second, I've added a few blogs that I hadn't previously linked. My heartfelt apologies to anyone who feels slighted by not being included. Honestly, I stopped and looked at the list while I was doing it and just said, "Stop it, Nathan! Any more and the blog'll fall over on its side." (It also occurs to me that being included on my sidebar probably isn't going to have any kind of noticeable effect on your traffic, so, like, get over it.)

Still updating, 7:30 a.m.: I said something about being a 'blurting blogger' the other day...and this post is conclusive evidence. Who needs to Twitter when they can keep throwing inconsequential shit up on the blog?

Hmm, wouldn't a bagel be good right about now?


Ilya said...

I'm hurt, Nathan, that our old and storied friendship mattered nothing as far as inclusion of my blog on your sidebar... I'll get over it in [loud sob] a minute...

Steve Buchheit said...

You may still be updating, but I'm still waiting for that bagel.

Nathan said...

I actually had to go to work, Steve.

Stupid employers' expectations.

Jim Wright said...

I thought I was smelling toasting bagel... Onion, with cream cheese and lox? hmmmmm. Now I have to run to the store, Damn you Nathan.

Bawahahahahaha, Janiece has to work. Neener, neener, neener. I'll be in the shop having fun, but I'll be thinking about you, Janiece. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm... bagels. Egg bagels. Or cinnamon raisin bagels. With cream cheese of course.

Although I have had the stooopid stomach bug for days and I've been subsisting on chamomile tea and applesauce. I don't like applesauce anymore.

Anyway, I digress. That way way more blurting than you needed to know. Have a good day at work!

What's your ideal bagel?

Nathan said...

an everything bagel, toasted with butter, tomato, red onion and lox.

Cream cheese is disgusting. YMMV.

MWT said...

Additional motivation to make sure my blog doesn't sink too far down the list!

I like all sorts of bagels. The "Salmon 5-way" - that's egg, lox, tomato, and salmon cream cheese on sun-dried tomato bagel. Then there's honey butter on banana nut bagel. Blueberry cream cheese on blueberry bagel. Mmmmm... one thing I do really miss about working at Einstein's was the food.

Tania said...

Onion bagel (almost the only way I can eat onion) toasted extra dark, cream cheese, horseradish, roast beef, swiss cheese (melted), and sprouts. Yes. A sandwich. Yum.

You're making me hungry. Stop.

Nathan said...


I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings, but please, please, please, never eat that monstrosity anywhere I might see it.


Shawn Powers said...

minimum minimum minimum


That was fun. And I love cream cheese. And onion bagel... mmm...

Now I'm hungry.

Nathan said...


I want to thank you for noticing minimumminimumminimumminimumminimumminimimminimim.

That was my favorite day of typing class. (I'm glad I took typing class back when boys didn't, cause it comes in handy now. OTOH, I took it was a class with me and 23 girls.

Anonymous said...
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