Sunday, June 15, 2008

Charlotte Misner

Michelle has posted Chapter four. The story can be found here. Matt's at bat and Tom is on deck.


mattw said...

Ok. I'm on it. We've got about a week correct?

Random Michelle K said...


And I took my *full* week. :)

Also, feel free to ask any of us question. I discovered that knowing what the characters history is helped a lot.

Nathan said...

Hey, I just realized I replied to Matt by just hitting the reply button on the email. Don't know if it got there or not.

Anyway...what Michelle said.

I recommend you read the character discussion you'll find linked at the top of my sidebar. I promised to make a couple of little changes in Chapter One that I haven't gotten around to yet. Michelle, however, alludes to the changes in her chapter when mentioning Mike Misner.

Jim Wright said...

Argh! Bang bang bang (:: that's the sound of my head hitting the desk) Michelle, apologies, I swear to God I meant to email a response to your questions and I just plain kept forgetting. Mad Cow is eating my brain!

I just cannot seem to get caught up lately. But, I will come up to speed before my turn at bat. I swear, I do. (well, yeah, actually I swear a lot. Like a Sailor almost).

Again, Michelle, apologies. Please don't sic Nathan's disease ridden felines of death upon me. I have a pathological fear of teh ringworm.

Nathan said...

Hey! They'd be pretty lousy excuses for 'felines of death' if they weren't disease ridden.


Random Michelle K said...

Acutally Jim, you can still input. Right now it's written as (???) Goodwin. :)

Jeri suggest that he was actually a civilian mechanic who had been in the military.

So I'd still like your input whenever you free up a couple minutes.