Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Tragic Sink-Cat Infestation Has Moved East!

So, a little while ago, I started hearing this amazing howling noise coming from the bathroom. Of course, I assumed one of the kitties had gotten themselves stuck in the toilet or pulled the window down on themselves or some other potential injurious event.

Nope! I was greeted by LuLu who looked at me accusingly and asked why I hadn't told her that there was a really nifty slidy bowl for her to play in. Really, she did!

"If you're hiding any other neat places around here, you better fess up now, mister!"


Random Michelle K said...

She doesn't look that mangy!

In fact, in the small pictures, she's cute!

Nathan said...

LuLu never got it as bad as Teufel did. She's just got a little spot under one eye that you hardly notice because of her markings, half of her nose and a spot on her belly.

Teufel is making a rapid recovery and I think one more treatment will get both of them back to normal.

And yeah, even with leprosy, they're both adorable.

mattw said...

That first photo looks like she's potty trained to use your sink. Cat's are weird.

Chris said...

Those cats are just the cutest damned things!

Why do cats insist on sitting in sinks? I've had three different cats now that do that. One of them used to sleep in the sink, especially when it was wet. Weird animals...