Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun With Word Clouds!

I was catching up on some blogs I've neglected lately and dropped in on Paperback Writer. In addition to really liking her Science Fiction, I've also been introduced to a bunch of neat websites by her blog. So, last week, she put up the link to Wordle! This is a fun one.

I copied my rant about islands, on-ramps and waterfalls in with fairly predictable results. Click on it to see it full sized!

I deem this fun and worthy of the UCF Seal of Approval. (Do we have one of those yet?)


Shawn Powers said...

I'm going to have to read the post to figure out what a "thant" is... (right above money in the lower right)

Oh, and now you've given me another way to waste my day... Sigh... :)

Nathan said...


Please report back when you can pass the test.

Shawn Powers said...

well, I must admit, it wasn't high on my priority list today... but I'll do my best. :D