Monday, June 9, 2008

Honesty in Slackery!

I'm about to update the list of what I'm reading and/or have recently finished. For a while now, its said I'm reading The Chronicles of Narnia. That's a lie. I read the first two books and decided I deserved a break.

In the meantime, I read one of W.E.B. Griffin's forgettable war stories and Mark L. Van Name's One Jump Ahead. Now, I'm half way through The Last World War by Dayton Ward. It's the first book I've started since Todd Wheeler announced his Summer Reading Contest, so it'll be the first one I claim there.

Speaking of which, I think I need to run another contest here. I don't have any great ideas for the contest and I don't have any great ideas for the prize and I don't have any great (or even mediocre) sponsors, so I'm a little bit at a loss.

Update: You guys all seem to think that you get to decide what the contest is gonna be about on my blog. Not only that, you've all decided that you can pronounce yourselves the winners (or oddly enough), the losers without actually taking part in said, yet to exist contest! If that's the way you're gonna behave, you're just going to have to provide your own prizes, too!


I'll think of something.


Jim Wright said...

I suggest a contest where we all make something cool from wood on the lathe in our respective shops and...what?

Shawn Powers said...


Be careful what you wish for. I've been known to do some strange things...

Random Michelle K said...

Jim, just so you know, when I was in fourth grade I almost severed the tip of my finger cutting balsa wood with a girl scout knife during a troop meeting. My finger is still scarred, and the nail still doesn't grow correctly.

Lesson learned: Girls Scout knives are/were not lock blades. How stupid can you get.

Also, me using an axe has repeatedly drawn hung over men from their tents. After listening to me attempt to chop wood for five or ten minutes, they'd storm out and say, "Give me that before you hurt yourself."

THUNK (pause) EE EE EE EE (getting axe out of wood) (pause) THUNK (pause) EE EE EE EE (pause) THUNK (pause) EE EE EE EE (pause) THUNK (pause) EE EE EE EE (pause) THUNK (pause) EE EE EE EE (pause) THUNK (pause) EE EE EE EE (pause) THUNK (splitting sound as log finally comes apart)

Anonymous said...

How about a general respective handicrafts contest? Not restricted to wood? Because I couldn't make a pretty piece of woodwork to save my life but I can do a decent job of silversmithing - Janiece can knit - Michelle can bake - Anne can gourmet cook - we're all pretty darn talented in one way or another.

Plus, I need a reason to play hooky for an afternoon at the workbench.

Nathan said...

Guys, this would be another internet based contest.

Virtual bowls
Virtual silver
virtual injuries (for Michelle)
Virtual cookies
Virtual sweaters
virtual coq au vin

Yeah, this still needs some work.

Random Michelle K said...

Hey, I can take pictures of all the scars on my hands and WIN I'm sure!

MWT said...

Hrm. I lose.

I could make a database though, if that counts toward anything. ;)

Anonymous said...

How about a create Nathan an avatar contest? Or just... create an avatar in general? Or... an avatar OF a general?

Something about creating in 64x64 - or 100x100 - whichever constraint you choose to accept - can be kind of fun.