Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maybe He's Shy!

Last night I mentioned to GF that the kitties had gotten out of hand a couple of times with their rough-housing. "In fact", I said, "It's hard to tell because of the fur, but I think LuLu gave Teufel a black eye". She said I had to get a picture.

Guess what. Teufel moves really fast when you aim a lens at him. He's in this first picture. I swear it.

I think this is an especially good shot.


Eric said...

Good Lord, I think you've proven Bigfoot must be a kitten! It's the only explanation!

Jim Wright said...

Or the Loch Ness Monster.

In fact, I'm starting to question the whole existence of these so called kitties, as all we have are a couple of blurry photos. Look at that first one, what is that? A tail? A flipper? A chew toy? Bah, color me it'll be a vague foot print in a litter box or something.

Nathan said...


Careful what you ask for. When I'm really hard up for an idea about what to post, you might just get pictures of cat-piss balls.

You'll only have yourself to blame.