Saturday, October 11, 2008

♩ ♪ 'Cause The Leaves, ♬ They Aren't A'Changin'. ♫

(With special thanks to Justin for the musical notes codes)

This is what I've got for fall color so far. How are things looking in your neck of the woods. Your assignment, (should you choose to accept it), is to lean out of any window at your house and show me your fall foliage. Post links in the comments.

Also, once again, I'm gonna ask if anyone knows how I can type musical notes, so titles like this one will be more obvious.


Random Michelle K said...

I'm not at home, but here's how things looked this morning in San Antonio.

I'll be home late tonight, so tomorrow I can tell you how things look in West (by God) Vriginia. Right now my only link to WV is football updates via text from my brother.

Random Michelle K said...

Also, San Antonio is miserably humid today--especially since all my shorts are packed and I'm dressed for 40 temps whenwe get into Pittsburgh tonight.

mattw said...

I don't have an camera handy at the moment, but we've got a mix of trees that are all green, trees that are all yellow, and trees that have already lost all of their leaves.

Anonymous said...

Here you go!

Fall colors in Washington

Anonymous said...

Here is a really cool, vivid set of fall color pics taken by a semi-pro photographer in the Seattle area. I'm now a little embarrassed about mine. LOL

Anonymous said...


Use these codes for music notes:

Quarter note = ♩ = ♩
Eighth note = ♪ = ♪
Single bar note = ♫ = ♫
Double bar note = ♬ = ♬

Remember, though, that not all browsers have support for special characters, so some people may see the code instead of the characters.

You may be able to just copy and paste the character without using the code, you'd just have to test and see.