Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's Get Ready To...Raaaaammmmble!

You have to imagine that wrestling announcer guy when you read the title. Are we all on the same page now? Good. And I would have titled this "Let's go visiting Monday", but then you might have expected to see a similar post every Monday and I wouldn't be able to take the pressure.

Once upon a time, I introduced a feature where I'd point out a cool blog I'd found and invite you all to go visit and say hi. Honestly, I thought this would be an easy thing to do as a regular feature, but guess what. There are a lot of truly sucky blogs out there. And I don't think any of you want me directing you toward sucky blogs, do you? No, of course not.

So, anyway, I think the last time I pointed you toward a blog, it was toward The Anonymous Production Assistant's Blog. I'm still following that one. Are you? Why not? What the hell's the matter with you?

Anyway, yesterday our favoritest Random Michelle in the whole wide world commented about waitresses and the restaurants in which they work:

"Except for those awful places that force waitresses to dress like whores. I'm just embarrassed on behalf of those waitresses"
This made me remember that I've recently discovered a new blog and it's my duty to point you guys there. And to tell you to say "hi". Because it makes me feel all powerful and stuff when you just go ahead and do my bidding. (Full Disclosure: The part of the above paragraph that says "I've disovered a new blog" is totally a lie. I didn't discover it. The Anonymous Production Assistant pointed me there. And it's not so much a new blog as one that's new-to-me.)

Anyway, Michelle's comment about waitresses forced to dress like whores made me think of the Girl on Girl Action blog. (The name of the blog doesn't mean what you think it means and you should just get your mind out of the gutter dammit. She explains it on her sidebar so you might have to check that out too.) Anyway this post is the one that the aforementioned Anonymous Production Assistant pointed out and the one that came to mind when I read Michelle's comment. I dare you to read it and refrain from snorting. And she's got other amusing posts. Go read them. And say "hi".

Was this rambling enough for you?

By the way. Did I mention thatl you that you should go visit? And say "hi"? Well, you should. And just for the hell of it, I think it would be amusing if everyone also visited Talk Wordy to Me and just commented "Rhinotillexomania".


Janiece said...


Elana is my new same-sex girlfriend.


Thanks for the link!

Random Michelle K said...

I think I'm glad that I'm not your least favoritest Random Michelle. Or your mediocrest Random Michelle.

And I totally agree with her.

Nathan said...


You announce a new girl-crush every other day. Pick someone and stick with it.

and Michelle, you're our favoritest. Not just mine.

kimby said...

Thanks for pointing her out....i needed another blog to keep track of. :)

vince said...

Elana is my new opposite-sex girlfriend. Thanks for pointing her out. And I mean that in a non-sexist way.

Nathan said...

You guys are starting to creep me out a little. Just sayin'.

Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, you're embarrassing me.

And also making me suspicious, as I look for the bucket of water over the door or its internet equivalent.

Nathan said...

Well jeez Michelle.

How many other Random Michelles have we got. No offense, but it's a pretty low bar. :D

No need to be embarrassed.

Janiece said...

Nathan, I am NOT fickle. NOT.

I don't dump my old same-sex girlfriends - I just add to my seraglio.


Random Michelle K said...

How many other Random Michelles have we got. No offense, but it's a pretty low bar. :D

That was my point. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't dump my old same-sex girlfriends - I just add to my seraglio.

Here I thought I was special. And I'm not old.

Still, you DO have some pretty cool same-sex girlfriends in here. Damned hawt, too. Hmmm...

(Nice use of seraglio, btw. ;) )