Saturday, October 18, 2008

Could It Be Saturday? Must Be a Multi-Post Day. Let's Get Started.

The morning began with only coffee. It's too late for breakfast now, but something brunch-ish might be in order. Oh, what to eat? What to eat? Oh yeah. We have that!

PostDeux or WTF?

As you'll note from the screenshot of my Sitemeter summary, I average 81 visits per day. So I was a little taken aback to see that today as of noon, I've already had 87 visits. Hey, half a day left to go and I'm already over the average daily visits? What's going on?

Then I checked the referrals and whoa! Almost all of them are searching for "ship memorial in Central Park" which gets hits because of this. So, was there some documentary on last night that got everybody searching the same thing? Anybody know? Curiosity overwhelms me.

A Conundrum

Pizza seems to be on the menu this evening. My history with Dominos is known. Little Louies? Liberty Pizza. That little joint up on Dekalb whose name I can never remember? (I've actually got a craving for the Dominos thin crust stuff, but...Must...Resist.)

BTW, we're up to 186 visits today, most of them continuing to be a variation on searches for "Prison Ship". I'm really dying to know what sparked the sudden interest.


I know this has been killing you...we went with Liberty. And we're up to 215 visits. WooHoo!

Roaming the world:

I've had my first visit from Ho Chi Minh City. It was not a search for anything to do with Central Park.

Uh...that's a lot of hits for nothing.


vince said...

Yay on the visits, but what kind of pizza did you go with?

Nathan said...

Liberty Pizza

Pepperoni on all - half with mushroom and black olives - half with ham and onions. It weighed about 7 pounds.

And this thing with the visits is driving me nuts. Is there some movie out with a fictional ship memorial in Central Park, because that's what everyone's searching for.

Random Michelle K said...

You could have gone for homemade pizza you know. Far superior.

Nathan said...

Pizza is just one of those things I've always considered "delivered". That's half the purpose.

Random Michelle K said...

Delivered pizza is only for those days when we've been working so hard we're too exhausted to lift a finger in the kitchen.

And even then I usually prefer Chinese.

vince said...

Chinese pizza?

Random Michelle K said...

Chinese pizza sounds like something you'd find at one of those all-you-can-eat "Chinese" buffets where everything seems to be deep fried and grease laden and bearing little resemblance to actual Chinese food--even the bastardized stuff we get here.

Unknown said...

And, of course, we are totally ignoring Nathan's pleas for a clarification on "ship memorial in Central Park." We wouldn't want him to calm down or anything.
Pizza, anyone?