Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Which I Update You Regularly on the Things I am Eating.

This will be updated throughout the day. It is intended to be a record of giddy gluttony.


-Toasted Bagel with butter, lox, tomato and onion
-bowl of cubed melon with grapes
-two sausages
-eggs off of GF's plate.
-2 bloody mary's (that damned spelling again).

Oops: I left out the three slices of ham I had while thinking about what to have for lunch.


-2 more bloody mary's


-2 knockwurst from the grill (with ketchup and relish)
-one teeny tiny 8 oz. Sunkist Orange Soda.
-Cheetos (crunchy kind).
-one tenny tiny 8 oz. Coke.
-some potato chips...I didn't count.


After my eating was interrupted by an hour and a half nap, I'm now drinking coffee...with a donut. (or do you prefer doughnut?). Either way. It's all good by me.

And another teeny tiny orange soda with some Cheetos (not counting these either).

This will be tonight's last entry on today's intake:

-a lovely salad
-lasagna (strangely missing all traces of pasta).
-another martini

All in all a rather successful day of gluttony. Tune in tomorrow for more scintillating...uh stuff.


Random Michelle K said...

Mary is not possessing anything, so I would say it's Marys.

Or even bloody Maries. :)

Eric said...

What Michelle said. Mary isn't possessing anything, and it isn't a contraction, so no apostrophe. If you simply have extra apostrophes you were trying to get rid of one way or another, it looks like Matt has started collecting surplus punctuation. You might want to leave a few at his place.


Shawn Powers said...

When in doubt, elaborate.

One Bloody Mary
Another Bloody Mary
Still another Bloody Mary

That way no one can complain.

And here, since I'm giving 'em out:


Have fun.

Tom said...

Oh yeah! The indolent life of the successfully unemployed. :)

Maybe, like mothers-in-law, it should be 2 (or more) Bloodies Mary. Cause if you had 2 mothers-in-law, you'd certainly need more Bloodies Mary.

kimby said...

While i am not a drinker of Bloody Marys, I am glad that you are enjoying them. I hear they go nicely with lobster.

Nathan said...

Well, that's just plain silly Kimby.

Everyone knows lobsters can't hold their liquor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely lazy day.

I have a migraine and am slightly queasy. (The anti-nausea med is only sort of helping, although it's certainly making me slur my speech like a drunkard.)

So the thought of Bloody Marys and Knockwurst, in principle, is lovely but actually sounds a bit challenging at the moment.

Cindi in CO said...

Mmmmmmm, Cheetos.

And I love Bloody Marys. It's like eating and drinking at the same time!

Yay, Alcohol!

vince said...

Gee, I didn't knoe you liked luquid oxygen with your bagel.

Be nice to me - I'm on the radio, live.

Jim Wright said...

Bloody Mary, that's made with tomato juice, right?


I'll stick to beer and Irish Whiskey.

Glad to see you're not wasting your off-duty time. :)

Anonymous said...

Beer and Irish whiskey? Is that a mixed drink?

Random Michelle K said...

Isn't a lasagna without pasta simply a meat and cheese casserole?

Nathan said...


It's called a depth charge.


uh, I don't know. But I expected some noodley stuff in there.

MWT said...



*twitches at opened thingies that aren't properly closed*

Today I had a bowl of hot and sour noodle soup from a Vietnamese restaurant. They were also selling durian smoothies in there, but I decided against getting one.

Anonymous said...

Great day of eating. All that's missing is a third martini.

Eric said...

Bloody Mary, that's made with tomato juice, right?

Yep, that's what makes them healthy so you can drink as many of them as you want, and the more you drink the healthier you are. Lotsa Vitamin C. Which may not actually cure cancer, but enough Bloody Marys and who the hell cares?

Anonymous said...

So that makes screwdrivers, Cape Cods, salty dogs and possibly margaritas and daiquiris healthy - all that fruity vitamin content? I can't quite make my logic stretch to mojitos though...

And of course the benefits of red wine have been written up in Readers' Digest - too bad I'm not a huge fan of dry red.

Mmmm... red wine and cheetos.

Tania said...

Jeri, mojitos are for hygiene and grooming - all that mint. Or maybe the mint is aiding digestion.

Nathan said...


you're not paying attention. The third bloody mary was consumed immediately prior to the fourth one.

kimby said...

Nathan, the lobsters can't hold their liquor because you haven't taken off the little bands from their bloody claws.

Jim Wright said...

Godamnit! Kimby, I blew coffee through my nose on that comment.

And I like to keep my beer and whiskey separate, though I have been known to down a depth charge or two upon rare occasion.

If I must adulterate Irish Whiskey, I put it in coffee.

so, what are we eating today, Nathan?

Nathan said...

As of this moment,

omelet with lots of good stuff init


bloody mary

bloody mary




peel and eat shrimp



apparently, I'm not as consumed with consumption today.

And Kimby,

you're wrong again. You have to leave the little rubberbands on. Otherwise the little lobsters run around making Nazi salutes. We can't have that now can we?