Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Well It's Not Going To Write Itself, Now...Is It?"

That's what my mother would always say when I was procrastinating about writing whatever paper was due the next day in school. That's kind of where I am right now. I have no idea what to write about today.

Let's see now. GF left at 4:30 this morning to head to Minnesota for a few days. She's got a group of women friends who've gone on a Mystery Trip just about every year for the last 25 years. They pool their money and one person plans each trip and nobody else knows where they're going until they get there. They just get a note telling them where to show up and what kind of clothes to pack. ( I don't know if they've ever left the country before, but I'm sure someone would say something if they needed a passport.)

So, last night, GF says I should post about how she's going away and I'm going to be here on my own and "WoooHoo, Party time, here I come". Uhhhhh...not so much. In fact I barely left the couch today. I was supremely lazy. Let's see...what did I accomplish today?

- I read (online and on dead trees).
- I cleaned the refrigerator. (Just kidding, but there's less leftovers in there now than there were this morning.)
- I fed the cats and emptied the litter box (or at least I will empty it when I finish typing this).

(I actually did clean the air filter on the furnace because it's getting cold enough that the heat is gonna kick on any day now.)

OK, well that's about all I've got. Not much, huh?

Ooh! I just remembered. You know that something I said was going to go to someone. Well, I'm informed that it's now in the hands of the US Postal Service, so any day now. I know you're all attingle with nervous anticipation. Well, one of you should be!


kimby said...

Well I know it isn't coming here, cause if it was you would have said...any week now, instead of any day. It takes a long time for the polar bears to deliver our mail up here in the Great White North.

mattw said...

Oh oh oh, is it a puppy, or a monkey, or maybe a punkey? A punkey would be sweet.

Tracy said...

Enjoy your time alone. A mystery trip, that sounds like great fun.
I know you check out Amy's FIB site, but she posted a funny video blog on her site titled 'Sarcastic, Big-City Moms for Obama' You can watch it here:

Amy is really a scream, & I couldn't believe her acting job in this video. She acted so smug, so prim & proper, totally not her.

Nathan said...


I didn't cut any air holes, so I sure hope it's none of those...even a punkey. Wouldn't wann hurt one of those.

vince said...

GF and friends are very smart to come to Minnesota. If they end up in Ely, make sure GF brings back new mukluks.

mattw said...

Nathan, not to worry, being a lesser known animal, punkeys are actually very resiliant creatures. Unless you packed it into a metal crate, the punkey will be able to use it's claws, teeth, or prehensile tail to make an air hole.

They really do make great pets, what with their simian intelligence and their canine loyalty.

mattw said...

I meant to say that being a lesser known animal most people aren't aware that they are very resiliant.