Monday, October 6, 2008


I just rolled my change and it came to $159. Pretty exciting, huh?

(Hey, I told you I didn't have anything to write about today.)


Jim Wright said...

We rolled all the change in the house last week - well, OK, we dumped it in the change sorter. Came to just over $100, so we opened a savings account in my son's name and he now has to learn about it and manage it each month. Yah! Responsibility. Boy was he pissed when he found out we wouldn't let him withdraw any of it though :)

Nathan said...

We try to save ours and then spend it on something at the end of the year. It's usually in the $800 range for the year. (It'll be going toward the big honkin' TV we'll be buying before February.)

Jim Wright said...

Oh yeah, you need a big honking TV before that movie with you and the Taxi guy comes out. Woohooo! Life sized, baby, in HD.