Monday, October 20, 2008

This, I Must Protest.

It has come to my attention that the Boston Red Sox failed to beat the Tampa Bay Rays last night, thereby losing the American League Championship Series. I cannot idly stand by and let this stand without some pointless act of retribution. Therefore, I put the Red Sox Owners, Managers, Trainers and Players on notice that I refuse to watch any game in which the Red Sox participate between now and April 6th, 2009. Take that you heartless bastards.

Note: Gifts of cash and/or Red Sox merchandise may convince me to watch a spring training game, but otherwise, the Red Sox are on their own until April. (Incidentally, the home opener will be against Tampa. I don't know if that has any special meaning, but I thought I'd mention it.)

Anyway, moving on from that bit of ugliness, let's look around the neighborhood a little. First, let me show you some Treehuggers.

This is an installation on a little traffic island in my neighborhood.

There's three of these stick and twig figures hugging trees. I don't know if this particular piece especially excites me, but I do like that NYC spreads stuff like this around. It definitely brightens things up a little and some of them are really cool.

If you look carefully on the left side partially blocked by the trees, you'll see the Empire State Bldg. (I once had a customer service rep from T-Mobile tell me that the reason for my poor reception at home was because coverage was a little spotty in more rural areas.)

And look, we're starting to get some fall color here.

And now let us finish with a topic that I'll probably return to when we get our first snow. I live in a special wind vortex which sweeps the neighboring sidewalks clean and deposits everything in front our our house. Leaves, snow, whatever, it all gets piled up for me to clean.

I know for a fact the neighbors haven't swept up any leaves, yet here they are, all clean and tidy next to my pile of leaves.

Looking in the other direction, the leaves end about 4' past my front steps.

The Red Sox can also get a reprieve from my dire protest by showing up to sweep leaves and shovel snow this winter. I'm nothing if not flexible.


Jim Wright said...

Good Gravy,and I thought I lived in a rual area.

Is that a bear, behind that tree?

Random Michelle K said...

"more rural areas"? Are you kidding me?

Nathan said...

Yeah, that was my reaction. And happily, that's a few years ago and I've got great coverage now.

Anonymous said...

The leaf thing, it's clearly a conspiracy.

Maybe they're all transported to in front of your home via black hole. By your archnemesis.

Random Michelle K said...

Which one?

Nathan said...

Which archnemesis? Dunno. There's so many to choose from.

Random Michelle K said...

I bet it's Domino's the pizza delivery guy.

Nathan said...


You haven't been paying attention. There is the Dominos "take your order guy". There is the Dominos "It's on the way; keep your shirt on guy".

There is not Dominos delivery guy. He's a myth.

Random Michelle K said...

He is NOT a myth!

He just doesn't deliver pizza to you. His job job is solely to do things like move all the leaves on the street to your house.

And other nefarious activities.

vince said...

Apartment living = no leave raking, no snow shoveling.

Nathan said...

Yes Vince. Move into the upstairs apartment, walk loud and ask me why the front walk isn't swept up.

Anonymous said...

Maritime climate living = no snow shoveling. Shoot, it only frosts a handful of times all winter and our perennials and shrubs never really die back.

It's hell on the leaf raking though. Soggy leaves, too.

Teen boys are great for leaf raking and snow shoveling. It's kind of a long term investment, though, and the ROI sucks.

Anonymous said...

Which Red Sox would you like for this leaf-shoveling? Varitek has some 'splainin to do: he could work it off. Ellsbury is young, strong, and rested from several days on the bench.

Nathan said...

I think I'd prefer someone from management level.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why you are so worked up about the Sox.

little bro

Anonymous said...

Being an Angel Fan here in Orange County, CA, it brings me GREAT JOY to see the Sox go down.

And Jim..."good gravy"? are you my grandfather?

Random Michelle K said...

And Jim..."good gravy"? are you my grandfather?

(grabs some popcorn, sits down, and puts feet up)