Thursday, October 23, 2008

In A Snit.

So I mentioned yesterday that GF went to Minnesota yesterday to meet her Mystery Trip friends (AKA Chicks! No Dicks!). I knew she was meeting the girls at around 10 this morning, so I waited until about 1:00 my time to call and ask where they were going. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, so where'd you end up?
GF: I don't know. We're about 20 yards from the meeting spot.

At this point I hear much hooting in the background reminiscent of the episode with The Three Trollops, only louder.

GF: We're at a restaurant. There was some trouble at first but one of the girls explained to the waitress that I'm from NY, and gave that look, so they decided we could stay.

Me: Ooooookaaaay. Well, have fun. Call me when you find out where you're going.
GF: Ooooh! Ooooh! Oooooh! I've got a snit in front of me. I'll send you a picture.

(For those of you not of the Mid-Western persuasion, a snit is a little 5oz. beer they give you with your drink as a chaser. I could only approve of that more if they started giving out snits when the drink you order is a beer...or a coke...or coffee! Hmmmmmm Snits!)

So anyway, I heard from GF a couple of hours ago. They're at some three bedroom lodge-type condo somewhere in Wisconsin right on Lake Superior.

They still sounded like trollops when she called...just a little more trollop-ey with the passage of time.

Hey, GF, if you read this, say hi to the other trol...girls.

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Anne C. said...

Long Live The Drunken Trollops!