Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Plan... Did Not Work Well At All

Update: First of all, for those of you deficient in Kreplach knowledge, a wonderful place to remedy that situation is (believe it or not), over at Stonkettle Station. Alaskan Goyisha Kreaplach Soup. Go figure. Read Jim's recipe and some of the comments. Then make some. Yeah, you can do it.

Secondly, I went by the Production Office to tie up some loose ends. Then I went clear over to the East Side to get some pics of the current occupant of the old 2nd Avenue Deli. I went and had lunch because I figured if I showed up at the new 2nd Avenue Deli hungry, I'd want everything and end up spending $4000.

I arrived at the new 2nd Avenue Deli and shot a couple of pics of the exterior. I walked up to the door and discovered that they were closed! Horrors. I'm not sure if they closed because Yom Kippur starts this evening or something else, but my plans were stopped in their tracks. I shall follow up on this at a later date.

In the meantime, I'll be posting something else.
The Original Part of the Post.

I'm going to combine blogging with fine dining.

A while back, over on Whateveresque, (which by the way, seems to have been killed by zombies) (never mind, back now), there was a long, involved discussion about chicken livers. I happen to like chopped liver. (I can hear Shawn retching from half way across the country.) Yes, it matters who made the chopped liver; all chopped liver is not created equal.

So, today, I'll be making a foray to the new 2nd Avenue Deli. (You'll get a history lesson and some pictures. The 2nd Avenue Deli has its own history and I have 2nd Avenue Deli history of my own.) I can't actually decide what I'll be buying there, though. I've got a hankering for:

-corned beef
-rye bread
-that really good mustard they have
-chopped liver
-kreplach soup

Can I get all of that?
Can I eat all of that? (Can, not May. You don't get a vote.)

BTW, I made Sloppy Joes for dinner last night. It really isn't the same when you're out of brown sugar. These things make a difference.


John the Scientist said...

I think I can find tsou dofu somewhere in this city. You want I should send you back some of the real thing, if I can figure out how to smell-proof a package? :D

vince said...

Had to search to see what kreplach soup is, and it sounds good. I'm not a big liver fan or a big pickle fan, but a really good corned beef sandwich with hot mustard? Oh, yeah, give me some of that.

kimby said...

i don't know what kreplach soup is, but deal me in for the rest of it! I love liver, fried, baked, coated in garlic...smothered with onions and bacon and green peppers....mmmm now i am getting hungry.

vince said...

Kimby, I'd love to too if it was coated in garlic and smothered with onions and bacon and green peppers. Then I couldn't taste the liver :-)

kimby said...

Hey Vince, that was how my Mom got me hooked on liver...standard baked liver with onions and peppers, with baked potato with sour cream AND butter....It is still a favourite meal of mine, and when I get the chance to visit with my Mom, and it is just the two of us, that is what we usually have.

Anonymous said...

My mom used to broil chicken giblets and I liked the gizzard & heart but hated the liver. It was a texture thing. Of course, while my mom is wonderful in many ways she can't cook her way out of a paper bag.

That is my only exposure to liver.

I'm sad for you, though, that you are liverless tonight.

neurondoc said...

Mmmmm. Chopped liver. I picked up my order from the local deli this afternoon, but I didn't get chopped liver. They won't sell it in less than half-pounds, and I would eat the whole freaking thing. Love it while it was going down. Then majorly regret it. Sorry you have been stymied in your Jew-food expedition. We're having bagels and lox, corned beef on rye and some other sundries tomorrow evening. Now there will be no more talk of food until sunset tomorrow.


Jim Wright said...

I'm sorry, did Vince say he didn't like pickles?

I'm afraid I will never be able to talk to him again. Ever.

Wait, uh, on second thought, Say, Vince, if you're not going to eat your pickles, can I have them?

(I am, in fact, eating a kosher dill pickle right now, with garlic stuffed olives, mmmmmmmm nom nom nom. Wanna smell my breath? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Anonymous said...

You can have my pickles. While I'll eat them if they're all I've got - garlic or spicy dill by preference - and I really like bread and butter pickles - typically I just skip 'em. I'm just not much into salty foods.

neurondoc said...

Mmmm, pickles. The sourer the better...

Nathan said...


Didn't you say you wanted us to lay off the food talk?

When you sit down at 2nd Ave. Deli, they bring you a relish tray loaded down with a variety of pickles, tangy cole slaw, all sorts of good things.