Monday, February 25, 2008

And...The Results are in!

...But I don't know them.

Yeah, folks, I fell asleep before the last three awards were given. I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and I swear, I'll look up the results soon and figure out the winner.

After the third cup. :D


John the Scientist said...

Dude, I'm already up collecting study materials for you on Kosovo. In Russian.

And I don't drink coffee.

Nathan said...

1. I won't be reading study materials (I'm shallow)

2. I don't read Russian.

3. Not drinking coffee is your loss. Coffee is good!

Random Michelle K said...

Coffee is NOT good.

Coffee makes some of us who don't need to be more wound up, so wound so tight that we're unbearable AND unintelligible.

I've had two different jobs where my co-workers have forbidden me to drink coffee.

I have a hard enough time sitting still as it is. If I drink coffee you have to peel me off the ceiling.

Random Michelle K said...
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kimby said...

You do need to be commended for posting though, after only 2 cups of coffee...(as she takes a sip of her 2nd cup of her second pot of coffee this morning)

Janiece said...