Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back To My Avatar

O.K. You guys have been soooooooooo helpful with choosing me a new Avatar.

Any of these float anyone's boat?

There's this Doggie!

Or this shark
Or Jack Jack

Or Calvin

Or a Rat

Anybody like these?


Tania said...

Well, today is the first day of my zodiacal animal's year. I approve of the rat.

However, having watched The Incredibles recently, Jack Jack seems rather suited to your protean nature.

So, I vote for Jack Jack.

Random Michelle K said...

As Tania noted, this is a good time to be a rat.

Otherwise... the rest are fine?

MWT said...

The doggie picture is cutest, but in my opinion the Calvin picture best represents you. ;)

Shawn Powers said...

Yeah, Calvin makes the most sense, although the puppy is soooo dern cute...

PixelFish said...

I like JackJack personally. But perhaps I am not the best guage of your personality yet?

Shawn Powers said...

PixelFish! Long time no see. :)

Nathan said...


My GF was torn between the dog and Jack Jack.

Steve Buchheit said...


Janiece said...

Jack-Jack. For sure.

Hi Pixelfish!

Jeff Hentosz said...

Actually, with all the recent blogging and working and novelling and tourguiding, I'd think Dash would be more appropriate for you -- but, yeah, Jack-Jack is good.

I can't sanction use of Calvin in any situation -- including avatars -- since I respect fellow Ohioan Bill Watterson and his wish that C&H went down in a fiery sled crash when he closed up shop those many years ago.

OT, ever'body go cast the movie of Old Man's War in the "Ask Scalzi" topic, "About Books" thread at Whateveresque. It's the hot parlor game of the season!

Nathan said...


I was gonna chastise you for going off topic here, but I couldn't type while laughing that hard.

Tania said...

Pixelfish! yay!
I had some art thing I was going to send your way. I should go look for it.