Sunday, February 3, 2008

Observations of a Polybloggimous, Bi-bloggular Newbie

So, between the two sites, I've now been a blogger for a little over five weeks. Here's some random stuff I'm thinking about today.

1. On There's No Crying in the War Room

I've posted eighteen chapters. If I trust MS Word, that's a little over 26,000 words out of 43,000 that I've already written. Take that with a grain of salt because I've found myself editing the newer chapters rather heavily before posting them, so I'm sure that a lot of the words I've already written in the as yet posted chapters will say bye-bye before they ever see the light of day.

I haven't gone back and edited previous chapters (as some of you told me I should), because I wanted to get the new stuff out there. And I wanted to get the template set up the way I wanted it. And I'm stubborn. I still like that first chapter. I
like that it shows Paul living in his own head a lot. I like that it shows a character who bounces off onto tangents so much he even interrupts his own narrative.

I can still be convinced, but as it stands right now, I'd rather put the time into editing and posting new chapters. And getting to the point where I'm writing completely new chapters.

Yesterday, I was scanning the stuff I haven't posted yet because I wanted to start thinking about new chapters and found myself reading the chapter where
[***Spoiler Alert***] Paul announces his candidacy. [/***Spoiler Alert]. I honestly can't wait to get to post that chapter. If I do say so myself, its a pretty funny chapter and I really like the way I set it up. The announcement shows up in Chapter Twenty-Seven, so you've got a little bit of time to get caught up. Go ahead. Read. Free Words!

BTW, I don't get that many comments over there, but I do see a fair number of hits, so there's a few people reading it...and coming back. I like that a lot.

2. On Polybloggimous

I'm having a blast with this. I love how stuff just gets out there and takes on a life of its own. I was aware that Eric makes periodic visits to Stonekettle Station, and I've seen him pop up in a number of your other blogs that I frequent. I don't think I knew he had ever been here. So last night when I couldn't find the post that Jim had put up explaining how to put "recent comments" into your sidebar, I went over to Eric's site and was ridiculously happy to see this. And then this. I know that there's been almost universal compliance within the Union of Collaborating Founders, (including this most recent entry), but I think its hysterical that its spreading. If anyone notices it further afield, please let me know. When I see some kid in Burundi posting pictures of his pet cow because its a law, I'll know my work is done.

Update: Apparently I stole this entire thing without remembering I was stealing it. In my defense, I totally forgot about that entry. And I thought it was an International law, not just a Federal one. And I posted the details of the law. And Widget really is a cute cat. 'Nuff Sed.

I was a little concerned when I started this about whether or not I'd be one of those bloggers who updates so rarely that you just stop checking in. Its been a rare day that I haven't managed to post something and there are more than a few multiple-post days. I even managed to keep things going in the middle of working on a job, so I'm patting myself on the back for keeping it going. BTW, on the work-front, I got a script for a possible new movie a couple of days ago. Its a really cool project, but I'm not gonna say anything more about it until...ya'know...I actually get hired.

Lastly, I told you guys about how I was an Extra in a scene during my last job, and that the Producer interviewed me for the Behind the Scenes reel he's been doing. He told me he'd upload the footage and give me a link tomorrow (if he could find a 12-year-old to help him), and I promise to post it as soon as I get it.

No matter how embarrassing it proves to be.
(We're still waiting to see the "Oh Yeah" dance. Poke. Poke.)


Tania said...

Yeah, well, you've forced me to actually update mine a couple of days a week. Bastard! Your influence is felt across the blogosphere.

Nathan said...

If I ever get FARKed, there'll be no living with me. :D

Anonymous said...

If you're the guy who came up with it, then you can tell me whether my LOLcat qualifies. Otherwise, I'm going to have to post a LOLfish, because our only pets are a robot dog (named Roast Beef) and a 17-year-old pink kissing gourami (named Big Pink Fishie), and using the robot dog would seem to violate the spirit of the directive.

Nathan said...

I hadn't really thought about it but I think an LOLFish would do nicely. Please notify us all on publication.

Or possibly the robot dog eating the fish. NomNomNomNom.

Tania said...

I think the robot dog would be cool. LOLK9 or something. Fighting a Dalek maybe. Heh.

MWT said...

Ah, I see my gentle subtle polite nudging oblique reminders finally worked! :D

Tom said...

Blogger see, blogger do.

Where's all these loopholes come from? Pretty soon someone will post a HoopLOL.

Anonymous said...

You've been watching too many 50s skiffy movies -- Roast Beef the Robot Dog does not eat. Roast Beef runs on a couple of D-cells. He does bark realistically, wag his tail, and roll toward you when you call him, or clap, or make any other loud noise.

I'll try the LOLfish later this week or this weekend. The problem will be to get the fish to do something interesting for the camera. Because it's a fish. And it's really, really old. In fish years, it's around 400 years old, so you can't expect much in the way of wacky, camera-friendly antics. I'll think of something, though.

Nathan said...

Some of the fish in Finding Nemo were positively ancient and they did lots of wacky, camera friendly antics. C'mon. Step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, chief, but those were stuntfish.

Nathan said...

Excuses, Excuses. Its a still picture. Pose a dead fish heroically if you must. You know, bravely going down the toilet to retrieve your cell phone or something like that. That'd be impressive.

We're just trying to protect you from the authorities.

Anonymous said...

As promised.

Nathan said...

Unfocused Me's link is