Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Recap...With Updates...And Some Other Stuff!

Yesterday, the UCF and other invited guests chose mob names. This is the most disorganized organization I've ever belonged to. Excellent!

So, your Capo di Tutti is "Babycheeks". "The Consigliere" deems it so.

The other mob members are:

"Dima the Vodka Smuggler" (a useful guy to have around)
"Murph the Mick" (muscle disguised as a Hot Chick)
"The Bowl Carver" or "The Bowel Carver" depending on his mood.
One moll - GF
One Tong girl (Dima will provide the proper nomenclature)
"Mishka the Something or Another" (very high strung and armed)
"The Cryptic" (inscrutable)
"Tiny Tom" (liar!)
"La Argentina" (I got nothing)
and....wait for it...


Update: "F-Disk, The Deleter" has put in an appearance. I'm fairly certain he's carried out some 'hits' for us, but he leaves little or no evidence. A valuable man to have in our corner.

We also had "Nat the Gnat, Jr." but she renounced that title possibly in favor of "Brainzzzz". All of this was done, incomprehensibly enough, on a thread about...snow. In the finest traditions of Polybloggimous, that means she wins! (No prize, but Monster cred!)

Update again: "Da Brainz" is officially enrolled. I need someone to volunteer for the first Zombie Watch. And Tom keeps muttering something about French Dip. Perhaps someone can offer him a sandwich?

Now, let us never speak of this again. (Shhhhh! The Feds might be listening.)

In other news:

I took a look this morning and its been more that 12 hours since there was a new post or comment on the 'e'. Jim has, apparently turned out the lights!

And what was that other thing tickling at the back of my mind?

Oh yeah....

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday dear Naaaaaathan!
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

Older and Shamelesser! That's me!


Shawn Powers said...

Happy Burfday!

And a universal truth in the UCF, "Miss a thread, miss a lot."

F-Disk, the Deleter

Anne C. said...

F-Disk, you speak the truth. Damn work!

Happy Birthday, Baby Cheeks. I love the photo (featuring actual baby cheeks) and the celebratory balloons. So you're what, 29, right? ;)

Nathan said...

you're what, 29, right?

That makes me class of '97. Woot!

Janiece said...

Shawn said "F-Disk, the Delter!"


Happy Birthday, Baby Cheeks. Here - have some Cranberry Juice.

Murph the Mick

Nathan said...

Actually, I'm shamelessly taking advantage of that "I don't have to expend any energy at all because its my B-day" rule. GF has gone to the store to get some V-8, from which I will be served a lovely brunchy Bloody Mary.

Steak & Eggs, too!

John the Scientist said...

Happy Birthday!

Jeff Hentosz said...

First, we need to be clear about something: This is not really Jeff Hentosz writing. Got it? I am just someone who offered to watch his laptop in the coffee shop while he went to the can. Yeah, he really doesn't look any smarter in person than he comes across online.

Are we square? This is NOT Jeff.

Because, you see, Jeff has family in law enforcement and cannot take the risk of consorting -- or even appearing to consort -- with avowed pretend felons. He simply will not have that stink in his house.

All right, then. I'm here with a message from the mayor, the police chief and the appeals court judge:

Happy Birthday, Nathan.

That is all. Now you leave first. Jeff's coming back.

-- Your anonymous liaison with city hall, seen only in silhouette against the headlights of a town car in the lowest level of a downtown parking garage.

Tania said...

"The Girls" and I wish you a happy birthday Nathan - TaTas

Nice balloons, it's been fun watching the furnishings change.

The Deleter? ooh, scary.

Random Michelle K said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Did you get excellent loot for your birthday?

And not Jeff? You think that's bad? I've got relatives that work at no Such Agency.

Shawn Powers said...

FDisk ain't afraid of no agency like that. I can make things disappear.

Well, actually I can only overwrite a partition table, effectively scrambling the "table of contents" for a hard drive. The data is actually intact. But I have a buddy, Recursive Al[gorithm] that can overwrite your arse with zeros. Booyah!

Recursive Al is a scary dude.

Shawn Powers said...

Man... Recursive Al is an awesome mob name. :)

Eric said...

Happy birthday, Don Babycheeks. The five families send their respects on this, the day of your birth.

Anne C. said...

Ow, Shawn, you're making me laugh so hard my stomach is hurting.

["Ows" interspersed with laughing]

Tom said...

Birthy Hapday!

Wish it was my birthday. Been outside. I fought the snow, and the snow won. (thanks, Bobby)

May all your Hapdays be Birthy!

vince said...

Steak and eggs and Bloody Marys. That's almost like lions and tigers and bears (oh my).

Happy b-day!!

Nathan said...

Thanks Vince. And you can join the mob without even changing your name, cause...well your name's already...Vince.

Just sayin'. :-)

neurondoc said...

Hippo Birdies to Ewe.

Unknown said...

Happy B-Day, will there be cake?

Nathan said...


One would think that your use of the future tense 3 hours after said birthday has ended would earn you some snarky comment. However, one would be wrong. GF took me out for a fine dinner last night which included delicious deserts. By the time we got home, I asked if we could have the cake tomorrow.

So, yes, there will be cake tonight. :D

kimby said...

See what happens when i have to go away for a few days on
I missed out on the whole mafia thing..AND your birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Nathan..hope it was a good one!

If it is not too late...i would love to submit a name for myself...

People tend to call me...THE WARDEN. Kinda catchy don't ya think..That is of course if i can still get in.

Nathan said...


You are welcome to the "Warden" moniker. And with it comes the responsibility for making sure Tom doesn't run out of sandwiches.