Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maggie's Gonna Go Postal

I've become strangely obsessed with this commercial. Every time it comes on, I watch it very closely because I know that sooner or later the voice-over is going to change.

YouTube won't let me embed it here, but go watch it and then come back for an informal discussion. Go ahead. I'll wait.


You're back? Good. So here's the deal. I know with absolute certainty that one day that commercial is going to come on and the Voice-over is going to say, "Mother moved in with us a little over a year ago and I may kill someone soon. My name is Maggie Cook. Please help me."

1 comment:

Jeff Hentosz said...

"Sunny came home to her favorite room
Sunny sat down in the kitchen
She opened a book and a box of tools
Sunny came home with a mission"

Okay, that was mean.