Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crap! Really, I mean Crap.

A few weeks ago, I posted that I'd been an extra on a British TV show. I said there was "behind the scenes" footage with me portraying a character who wants to be a famous actor. I said I'd post the video (which I still haven't seen), no matter how embarrassing. Big Fucking mistake. (still working on solidifying my NC-17 rating).

Anyway, the producer, who is back in London, and still hasn't got a clue how to post video, ( I still love you Chris), sent me a couple of stills today. Here is one.


-It was really cold that day.
-Those glasses are new.
-I had to smoke the cigar for the scene.
-I am, apparently, an ambulatory nose.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Nathan.


Tania said...

I think you look contemplative. And rather nifty.

So, is the cigar just a cigar? :waggles eyebrows:

Shawn Powers said...

I'm shocked. You look nothing like your avatar. You've been lying all this time!!!

(And since Janiece's avatar is a cow, I expect any moment to be TONG'd quite violently)

And all joking aside, that's really a great photo. :)

Jim Wright said...

You look exactly as my mental image of you. So nice of you to cooperate.

(actually it was comparing yourself to Gene Shalit a while back that put that image in my mind :)

I'm with Shawn, that's a great photo!

Tom said...

The cigar make it a bit "Groucho-esque" to me. If the still's that good, cant' wait for the clip!

I guess I didn't have a mental image of you. It's nice that I now have the correct one.

Random Michelle K said...

I like the hat!

I didn't think of you with a mustache though.

John the Scientist said...

OK. Now I konw who to look for on Tuesday.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Oh, man. The funny, it writes itself:

"Dude, your dad's gonna be so pissed you're posting pictures of him on the internets!"

"Huh. I'd have sworn Kinky Friedman would rather die than have a picture taken in anything but a cowboy hat."

"WARNING: To avoid maximum neural meltdown, DO NOT imagine this face on a body doing the Macarena. In plaid clamdiggers."

Oh, oh, my sides.

Seriously though, try being an ambulatory double-chin, then whine to me about embarrassing pictures.

Janiece said...

I like it. And I like your new specs, too.

Jim Wright said...

DO NOT imagine this face on a body doing the Macarena. In plaid clamdiggers

Jeezus, Jeff, you kill me.

Random Michelle K said...

So let's see... who do we NOT have pictures of now?

We've now got Nathan, Tom recently posted a picture of himself, Janiece and Anne have several pictures, Jim and Shawn and Tanya have pictures of themselves as their avatars, I've got unflattering pictures of myself all OVER my website.

That leaves....

By the way Nathan, in my mind your voice is now much deeper than it was before.

John the Scientist said...

Michelle - are you talking to MWT and me?

Nathan said...

Yes, Michelle,

my voice is much deeper now than before.

And John can't post a picture. Its classified. Don't ask. :-)

Jim Wright said...

I picture both John and MWT in white lab coats, with clipboards - as Farside scientists.


Random Michelle K said...


(whistles innocently looking around the blog)

One more thing Nathan? Definitely Sam Vimes and NOT Rincewind.

Tom said...

Nathan, I was able to comment at Jeff's. I don't know what your problem is. (taps foot)

I had to register, but was able to without problem. Maybe he recently opened that up, but didn't want to tell us, because he's ashamed of us and doesn't want people to know he hangs around with us?

Or not. :D

We gotta keep pushing the blogging thing...

Janiece said...

Jim, I'm with you.

Far Side Scientists. At the Acme Lab for the Gifted.

Steve Buchheit said...

It's the hat and scarf that make the whole ensemble work.

John the Scientist said...

michelle - you may not need a picture. I've got lots of relatives in Loudoun, Washington, and Frederick Counties. We may be related in some way.

I've got to check my geneology stuff.

The last names Roelkey (Roelke) or Titus ring a bell?

Random Michelle K said...


Unless you've got any "Cave" relatives in those MD relatives, or are Eastern European (Laukaitis and Bogdan are the two big names there), we're probably not related. On my Dad's side I'm 3rd generation American, so we've got a good idea where everyone is (and lots many of them on a regular basis).

My mom's family (Cave) is mostly from Westernport MD, except for her Mom's family, which is Canadian. Which makes me 3rd generation, 3rd generation, 2nd generation, and who the hell knows? as far as my genealogy goes.

But you're up this way, you let me know and well have a nice chat. :)

Anne C. said...

Wait... Tom posted pictures? How did I miss that? Anyone got a link?

Also, wait... John has relatives in western Maryland? How did I miss that? The name Roelke sounds familiar, but I'd have to check my yearbooks. I grew up in Pleasant Valley, which is one valley west of the Washington-Frederick county line.

PS - Awesome photo, Nathan!

Nathan said...


Anne, Tom (Snavely) is linked on my sidebar.

MWT said...

Yep. That's a damn impressive honker, now that you've made a point of pointing it out. ;)

I have no intention of ever posting any (real) pics of me where y'all are likely to see it. Sorry folks, you'll just have to badger the other scientist.

Nathan said...


That's o.k. We all know you look just like Tim Allen's next-door neighbor on "Home Improvements".

MWT said...

In a lab coat, I'll have you know!

*wields clipboard*

Random Michelle K said...

I figure we'll just all have to plan a trip to Georgia, and then hit every Chinese take out place and see if anyone answers to MWT.

Anne C. said...

Heh, good luck on that Michelle. MWT is too cagey to get caught by that. You'd have to chat up all the Chinese food cashiers and see if they worked as biologists.

Thanks for the tip off, Nathan. I actually have the Snavely blog on my own sidebar, but was accidentally going to Giant Midgets, which is, of course, Eric's blog. Duh. I've expressed to Janiece that I have trouble keeping us all straight. Looks like it's worse than I thought.

Nathan said...

And the fact that we keep adding US's to us is making me twitchy. :-)

John the Scientist said...

Geesus, Anne, when were in Pleasant Valley? I used to hike and hunt over that way. My mom used to teach there. If you went to school there, there were probably Roelkeys in your class. I think my cousins went there.

I think there are Caves in there somewhere, but maybe by marriage.

We moved over to between Sharpsburg and Keedysville when my mom got a job teaching at Boonsboro. I graduated from Boonsboro High.

It would be just too weird if my mom taught you in Elementary School.

John the Scientist said...

Anne - I checked your blog. You're too young to have been taught by my mom. Whew!

Anne C. said...

John, I graduated from BHS too (class of 1992). Small world! Now I know where you got that "red-neck" descriptor for yourself. I went to the middle school there too, but elementary school I went to Pleasant Valley Elementary.

My parents farm was a few miles south of Rohrersville, on Trego Road. I say "was" because they moved to Oklahoma 'cause it was getting too crowded in MD.

Sometimes I think half the world passed through Pleasant Valley at one time or another. I have a coworker whose in-laws still live there. We were astonished when we discovered the connection.

(I see my own blog post brewing now...)

Nathan said...

Class of '92 ?

My blog is populated by children! Better clean up my act a little.

John the Scientist said...

My aunt and uncle still live in Rohersville. We used to take Trego Road all the time to cut from MD Route 67 over to Route 1 (now Shephersdstown Pike) at Keedysville when we came back from Leesburg. I love that bumpy old Trego Road - if you triple the speed limit, your car will do a serious Dukes of Hazzard impression. I had a V-8 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 that would FLY.

Were you guys the farm that was close to 67 before you got to the old RR station? Did you know the Eichelbergers?

My parents' first "house" was a double-wide up in Yarrowsburg. So you KNOW I've got redneck cred.

John the Scientist said...

Oh yeah, BHS class of 1987. I was dodging Spetznaz in Lithuania when you were worrying about a date for the senior prom. ;-)

John the Scientist said...

Was the FFA still the largest Club at BHS in 1992? It was in 1987.

Anne C. said...

Heh, the reason your blog is populated by "children" is 'cause you're so darned cool, Nathan! ;)

And the rest of John and my discussion on the Hazzard County hijinks is continued on my blog.

Unknown said...

*WTF are you people talking about. Did you think this was a fucking mask? A Halloween prank perhaps?*

Since I did the cardinal sin of commenting off thread (It's a Small World), I am bringing Nathan's retort back into proper context and taking the opportunity of apologizing to him if he felt offended by my comments. Since he says he is an actor, it seemed to me that the photo he posted was a characterization with him hiding underneath. The cigar did it, I think. Maybe you are too good an actor, Nathan.

Nathan said...


I wasn't really upset and no apology is required. My mock outrage was totally for effect, I assure you.

And, I'm not an actor (perish the thought). I'm a Location Manager.

With the way some of us ping-pong around between each others' threads, though, I can totally see how you might get a little lost. :-)