Monday, February 4, 2008

The Gauntlet is Thrown.

In yesterday's comments, MWT gently points out that I'm nowhere near as original as I think I am. Fine! See if you get invited to the next massively popular (read retarded) internet phenomenon I create completely fresh, out of my own mind with nothing but totally original thoughts that I think up and that no-one else anywhere has ever thought up before...

And Tom challenges us with:
Blogger see, blogger do.

Where's all these loopholes come from? Pretty soon someone will post a HoopLOL.

I have no idea what a HoopLOL will look like but I can't wait to see the first one.


Janiece said...

I want to see the HoopLOL-palooza.

Tom said...

A HoopLOL is kinda like a loophole, only...kinda sideways.

Janiece, that's HoopLOL-a-palooza.

Hey, just because MWT thinks you're derivative doesn't mean you are. I mean, one in the first 30 days, and dogs at twice the frequency, that's a good idea!

And "blogger see, blogger do" is me. The CFU does, and Tom tries, too.

MWT said...

That's okay, Nathan - I'll just crash the next one anyways. :D