Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pimpage At Work For You and For Me!

Hey! Vince just pimped Stonekettle Kitchen Station (see comments, oops) and Polybloggimous on his radio show. The show is on every Wednesday night, live streaming on the intertoobs. Vince will tell you what time it starts (in comments, I'm sure), but it ends at 9:00pm CST. I don't know about Jim, but my readership in Minnesota instantly doubled. Yowzah!

I'm not sure if any of you read it in the comments thread a week or so back. but its appropriate that the station is called End of the Road. Ely, MN is literally the end of the road. If you want to go further north, you pretty much need a pair of sturdy hiking boots and a canoe. And I was there in the early 90's when we were shooting Iron Will in Duluth and on the Range. (That part of Norther MN is the Iron Range for the many many mines that were there. Not as much anymore.) Among other things, its an excellent place to buy winter gear when you're about to make a movie in Northern Minnesota. I've still got my Steger Mukluks (Knee-high Elk Hide, thank you very much) and they're the warmest most comfortable things I've ever owned. I'm pretty sure Steger has a website and you can order on-line. All things Ely, have my recommendation.

Oh, and BTW its pronounce EEEEE-LLEEE. They gets miffed if you get it wrong!


vince said...

And now for self-pimping. The show begins at 7:00pm. During the summer, if there's a Twins baseball game, I am preempted. Just means I can watch Mythbusters.

Steger's site is at

The September 2006 edition of National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine calls Ely an Outdoor Mecca and one of the 31 Best Places To Live. In the past, National Geographic named Ely Minnesota one of the 50 Places of a Lifetime. And Ely ranks 12th on Field & Stream Magazine's
2008 list of the best fishing towns in America.

Nathan, I'll be putting up links to your and Jim's and several other blogs on tonight's show page. I explained that over at Jim's blog, but basically, go to, clcik on the link to "Off The Beaten Track", then find the link to tonight's show. It'll be at the bottom, and I'll get it up hopefully in the next day or two (and yes, I'm behind a week).

I think my fingers worked better here.

Tania said...

So, Wednesday's from 4-6 PM up here. I'll put it on my calendar so I'll remember to listen! :)

Jim Wright said...

Stonekettle Kitchen?

Look, buster....OK, that's actually pretty funny, nevermind.

I've already got Vince's show set in my reminders. Man, that's just another thing I love about the tooobes, streaming a live radio broadcast around the planet, how cool is that?

Oh, and once again, Vince, thanks. I saw a couple of folks from MN surf into my site last night coming from google searches. Oh, and before I forget, you're an excellent DJ, I really enjoyed listening to your show - and the music was great, Mon. Looking forward to next week.

Nathan said...


Its a brainfart I have. For whatever reason, I'm always surprised to see the word "Station" when I get to your site. Stone Kettles belong in Kitchens (in my mind). :-)

Nathan said...

Fixed, Jim.

Jim Wright said...

I thought it was funny, I'd be just fine if you unfixed it :)

Nathan said...

I did fix it in a way that leaves the original mistake.

Jim Wright said...

OH, yeah, I guess I should have actually read it first. :)

I was distracted, watching GWB talking about the economy. Something weird there, besides the usual I mean, he sounds like a stroke victim.