Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Blog is Rated

My blog is rated R, based (I'm told) on the presence of the following words:

  • hell (8x)
  • fucking (4x)
  • hurt (3x)
  • shoot (2x)
  • ass (1x)
Two thoughts. The "shoot" thing amuses me. And I wonder if by doubling the incidence of these words with this post, I've knocked myself into the NC-17 range. I shall try harder.

Update: The answer is a resounding Yessssssss!


Janiece said...

NC-17, baby. From first to last.

I rule.

Random Michelle K said...

I've done this before, and the results have amused me in the past.

Let's see:

Random (but not really) garners... an R!
shit (5x), dead (4x), steal (2x), bomb (1x)

Random Reading garners....
death (12x), murder (11x), dead (10x), sex (6x), kill (3x), sexy (2x), bitches (1x)

What have I been reading recently? Murder mysteries! And that garners me an NC-17.


Jeff Hentosz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...

Jeff, take a look at Tom's site. You're referenced in today's entry.

We're gonna start bugging you to keep your blog current.

Get the fuck to work on that.

Jeff Hentosz said...

What's the site? His profile is blocked.

Nathan said...


And, dude, I'm going for salacious right now. I noticed the typos, but I loved it. I demand you delete the tame version.

::scratches head and tries to figure out which version of "fucking thread" qualifies as tame.::

Nathan said...

And replace the fuckup, of course.

Jeff Hentosz said...



I wanted to leave the fist fucking comment in this goddammed thread.

Rat farts.

There. Happy?


My blog issues are treble: 1) It started simply as a way to communicate with my brother when he was in the desert a couple years ago (yes, that desert, with the shootin' and the 'splodin' and whatnot). It lapsed when he got home, as I'm great at responding to blog posts; not so much at thinking them up from scratch. 2) Then I started up again last summer as an exercise in discipline and almost immediately got sidetracked by work and family issues (incl. one milestone birthday, one wedding, two funerals and the normal complement of holidays). Plus laziness. Now I have to finish an annual report that's late (not my fault) and get tax stuff done. 3) I hosed my commenting somehow trying to thwart comment spam -- it really is as bad as they say -- and the thought of spending time working that out gives me the fantods. But I will get to it, no doubt when I'm procrastinating on something, and you'll know when my name starts being a live link on the Whatever. :-)

Nathan said...


I've said this before, but once upon a time, you put a comment in Whatever that said,

. I'm going to follow Nathan from thread to thread for a while, just to make him antsy.

No, actually, I'm here to give him a couple simple style tips

I copied that into a word document and I constantly copy and paste the HTML every time I need to post a link. Until that day, (I swear to God), I thought HTML was shorthand for "Hatemail".

You are hereby issued a pass for life.

And thanks for getting "fist fucking" back on the site. I gotz credz to defend.

Tom said...

I'd like to find out how Snave is rated, but the rating site is BLOCKED (at work).

I'm probably lily-white and pure, compared to you filthy-mouthed people.

I mean, Damn!

Nathan said...

Another BTW Jeff,

I had to look up "fantod". Never seen that one before.

Any clue on the etymology?

(That's the kind of thing I geek out about.)

Jeff Hentosz said...

I got fantods from Mark Twain. Huck Finn says he gets the fantods, if I remember correctly, after he escapes Pap and reaches Jackson's Island. I think it's a midwestern idiomatic word for "dread," now archaic, of course.

Eric said...

NC-17 out of the box, and proud of it. Ha!