Sunday, February 17, 2008

Does Anybody Care?

I was sitting here this morning thinking I should just cancel my Oscar Pool due to lack of interest, when my email dinged. Wow! The second entry. And its from a lurker. I haven't got a clue who this person is.

So, anyway, you've got until Noon EST, next Sunday, February 24th to enter. I still don't know what the winner is going to win, but I promise to make it something that doesn't suck. The only thing is...if I don't get at least five entries, I'm gonna cancel the thing.

Once again, thanks to defective yeti for providing the wherewithal to run the pool.

FYI, Why, you may ask does this post get a PB tag? Simply because I've decided that PB is now the GMT of movies. Henceforth, when contemplating any motion picture, its place on a scale that compares it to PB shall be de rigueur. Go ahead. Find the flaw in that logic.


Janiece said...

Come on, you slackers. I entered. Don'e make my efforts for naught.

Random Michelle K said...

But I haven't *seen* any of those movies. We wanted to see 3:10 to Yuma and Sweeny Todd and Shoot 'em up, but for some reason it's harder for us to see movies in the winter--we just never get around to it.

The others that looked interesting will be on our DVD list, so we can watch 'em with my grandmother (the last movie I saw at the theater with her was... (crap! the one on the ocean with the tall ships and a guy I went to school with was one of the sailors because he's actually a sailor on a tall ship and it was based on the series of book with the captain and the doctor who was kinda like Darwin and the ship in the book was American and not French...)

Anyway, it was a long time ago.

Random Michelle K said...

Russell Crowe right? It has Russell Crowe in it?

Nathan said...


Master & Commander, based on the O'Brian books.

You can enter the pool without actually seeing any of the movies. Just pull some guesses outtayerbutt.

Shawn Powers said...

Done. If I win, I'll have to thank a butterfly for his effect, because there's no way it's any skill on my end.

I've seen the Ratti-hardtospell movie, and Transformers. And I think that's it...

Jeff Hentosz said...

"...I've decided that PB is now the GMT of movies....Find the flaw in that logic."

Ooh, ooh! That's easy. It's because you're wrong. The GMT of movies, as any sensible person knows, is North by Northwest, although arguments will be heard for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Well, unless you're referring to something like "quotability," in which case you're still wrong. The benchmark of quotability is an algorithm derived from averaging Animal House, Caddyshack and Stripes.

PB. pssh. Honestly.

Nathan said...


You've got as much chance as anybody.



North by Northwest is a fine film, but it is in VistaVision which renders it quaint.

As to quotability, I'll see your "Ahhhrmy Training, Sir", and raise you an "Inconceivable".

Jeff Hentosz said...

Yeah, I's pretty much just messing with you.*

True story: I once worked with a guy who communicated solely -- and I'm exaggerating, but barely -- in quotes from those aforementioned comedies. Fortunately for him he managed somehow to make it an endearing habit rather than an annoying one. He had something #snap# like that for every possible situation, and his choices were always spot-on and his delivery pitch perfect.

* Although PB the movie is pleasant enough, I'd read the novel a half dozen times before it came out and was ultimately disappointed. I was impressed by how Reiner realized the Cliffs of Insanity, Christopher Guest is great and Mandy Patinkin is always perfect in everything he does, but to me Wallace Shawn, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal and Peter Cook were all awful choices for their roles. I could go on, but there is too much, so I summed up.

Nathan said...


This is one of those situations where I love both the movie and the book. I loved the casting with the possible exception of Robin Wright, who didn't impress me much. I thought Wallace Shawn was brilliant.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Oh, I know I'm in the minority. PB is one of those flicks my wife and daughter will stop and watch every time it's on the teevee machine, even though we own it on VHS and two editions of DVD.

Random Michelle K said...


How DARE you diss Grad Nagus Zek!

The wrath of the Ferengi empire will fall on your head and your assets will be crying fr mercy!

Random Michelle K said...

But Nathan, I mostly don't know who the actors are.

So it'd be completely blind guessing.

Nathan said...

I'm quite sure that blind guessing is an approved strategy.

C'mon. We've got four entrants now. One more makes us official.

Random Michelle K said...

(suspicious look)

Officially *what*?

Jeff Hentosz said...

{Nathan: go ahead and fire up the grill; I'll take my fooming like a man}

MK: What in the wide, wide world of sports are you on about? I got nothing against Wallace Shawn, per se. As a high school teacher in Clueless? Bravo. As the voice of a toy dinosaur? Get me a medium popcorn and a Good-n-Plenty, I'll meet you there.

As the criminal mastermind Vizzini? Meh. Not so much.

You know who would have been great? Danny DeVito, then in his Louie DePalma prime.

Speaking of Trek, though, did you see Worf, Photoshopped into a funkalicious '70s pimp suit, on The Colbert Report last week? Comedy gold.

Random Michelle K said...


Wallace Shawn was perfect as Vizzini! He's a natural straight man, and incredibly annoying as well--perfect!

And no, I only watch TV shows after they come out on TV, so I'll just have to imagine.

kimby said...

Hi (stepping up to the microphone)
I am the Lurker..
But a-lurking no more.
Happy to meet'cha all!

Anonymous said...

Really? An Oscar Pool? Never heard of such a thing. I am so freaking Republican. I have really got to branch out and find my "Inner Liza".

Nathan said...


Welcome. My first de-lurker. I'm totally verklempt.

Mr. Nelson,

I'll tolerate your right wing leanings, but don't go spouting Liza crap here. She's not permitted here unless you've got disturbing photos. Liza freaks me out.

Tom said...

OK, I'm in. But I don't have any ideas for you.

Don't want to be known as a shtuck dreck!

Nathan said...

Mr. Nelson,

Yes. We know you're not a fan of Al Gore or of anyone in the Hollywood Elite. I'm sure you haven't seen any movie or TV show since 1968 because they've all strayed from family values since they put "Julia" on the air.

I don't give a crap if you think we're liberal morons here. I do give a crap if you're not creative when you slap us down.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing that I actually said none of those things you just claimed I said, (except for the Al Gore thing). I love movies, and I resent the fact that you said I believe you are liberal morons. I just don't like award shows, and not just the Oscars. I don't care for the grammys, the tonys, the emmys, or as a sports fan, I don't like the espys. I don't really even care to watch my kids get trophies for soccer (although I suck it up and do it anyway). Please don't take it personally. I know that must be challenging, but really, my disdain for award shows has NOTHING to do with my political leanings, nor the fact that I don't like chocolate ice cream, I don't like pork chops, or my mothers meatloaf, or my poor vertical leap, or the fact that I always four-put after making it on the green. I just don't care to watch people, any kind of people, big, little, tall, short, fat, slim, green-eyed, brown-eyed, red or brown haired, left or right handed, republican or democrat, libertarian or socialist, LA Angel fans or Yankee fans give long, drawn out acceptance speeches thanking everyone from thier rabbi to their milkman. If I open the paper the day after the Oscars and find out that a movie won best picture, I may take that as a sign that I should watch that movies sometime. With twin 5 year old girls, I have little time to get to the theatre, but trust me, my netflix que is always chock full of hopefully good stuff. In fact, I just saw "Everything is Illuminated", and I found it to be extremely entertaining.

So, again, where did I say you were a liberal moron? That part escaped me. Have you ever thought that what someone says is just that; What someone says? I just don't care for award shows. Period. It has nothing to do with anything else.

Now, if you don't mind, I have to get back to watching "Cabaret", and "The Muppets take Manhattan". I really gotta nail this Liza thing!

Tania said...

Dude, I've been busy! Give me a day or two to catch up.

Nathan said...


My apologies if I read something into your comment that wasn't there. The Al Gore comment seemed to be an effort to goad (Rush had fun with it), and that's the way I took it. As I've mentioned, I'm new at this blogging thing (and at policing it), so "mistakes will be made".

I've made it known that comments from out of left field are permissible. I'll attempt to recognize comments from right field and give them the same latitude.


Put some new words on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Can I please just share the picture with you I saw on this blog:?

Nathan said...

Thanks for sharing.