Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shameful Secrets. Let Me Tell You Mine.

(And I just can't wait to see what kind of hits that title gets me.)

My shameful secret is...drumroll...I love American Idol. Yes, dammit, I said it. I totally love this show. I have no idea how many seasons it's actually been on and I missed the first bunch of seasons 'cause obviously, I was too cool for American Idol. I don't know what got me to watch my first episode, but I've been hooked ever since. I haven't decided whether or not I'll be blogging about the show. I mean I'm sure I'll say something every now and then, but I don't know if blogging about it will be a regular deal here. I'm certainly not going to start blogging about it at this point, because there's still like Seven-Thousand contestants in the thing.

But, hey, Simon's been mean, Paula's been vapid and Randy's said "Dawg" like Five-Hundred times already. What's not to love.

The upside to blogging about it would be...I have no idea. A cheap subject once or twice a week? That's worth considering, isn't it? There actually are a few stand-out voices this year. I mean, hey, there could actually be some hot-shit performances. I like hot-shit performances. Also, with the types of voices some of these kids have, they might actually choose some songs that don't suck.

The downside to blogging about it...could be myriad. My massive audience might not give a shit about American Idol. In fact, my massive audience might be totally alienated by blog posts about American Idol. Hey, I know that as a Technorati "C-List" Blogger, I've got responsibilities. And I take my responsibilities seriously.

I also have concerns for what sort of riff-raff, looking for their 300th Idol post of the day, might drift in here.

Obviously, this will require some serious thought. And cookies.


Shawn Powers said...

I like it too. I actually didn't watch last season, but not out of protest -- I was just too busy.

I've watched every episode this season though. There are a couple really neat sounding singers. I hope they perform well later.

So feel free to blog away, I'll respond if nothing else... :)

Janiece said...

Oh, Nathan. I'm so disappointed.

How could you?

::shuffles away::

Nathan said...

Yeah, well sooner or later, if you've got a blog, you're gonna bare your soul for all to see.

Do try to live with your disappointment.

Tom said...

No! Or if you do post about American Idle, please make sure it's listed as such, so I can "skip to the end!"

I second Janiece. "How could you?"

Nathan said...

Any and all American Idol related material will be cleverly hidden in code so that you won't realize what you've been reading until you get to the end.

I shall be evil about it.