Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hey, Here's Something You didn't Know!

I mentioned previously that GF makes soaps and lotions and potions and balms and stuff like that! Now, you can get a look for yourself. Right now, there's a bunch of Valentines Day items there. You know you needs you some Valentines Day stuff.

TA DAAAAAA! Its Artsoap!


Shawn Powers said...

Hmm... I'm concerned about shipping time. Assuming no custom orders, is a Valentine's Day arrival still possible?

Nathan said...

Order by noon tomorrow and you've got plenty of time.

Or, do that guy thing: Procrastinate and pay for priority shipping. :D

Also, there's a button at the top of the Etsy page that says "conversations" if you want to ask her questions or order custom stuff...or whatever.

Tania said...

Oh. The Honey Do looks super cool. Too bad I have a stack of homemade soap from the farmer's market, or I would be checking it out.

Nathan said...


Tell her over on Etsy.