Thursday, February 14, 2008

How To Make Your Murderous Rampage With A Meat Cleaver Stand Out From All Of The Other Murderous Rampages With A Meat Cleaver

On Tuesday, evening, some guy showed up at a psychologist's office on the Upper East Side and killed her with a meat cleaver. He also stabbed a neighboring doctor who showed up to investigate the noises he was hearing. There's videotape of the killer arriving and leaving the building.

He was apparently well prepared for the killing, having arrived with duct tape, the cleaver and nine different knives. This story says,

"The suspect left behind a roller suitcase filled with adult diapers and women's clothing - including blouses and slippers - and a smaller second bag containing eight knives, rope and duct tape that were not apparently used in the attack..."

Frankly, I wasn't following this story very closely, 'cause hey, meat cleaver attacks just ain't what they used to be, outragewise. Even the adult diaper angle wasn't getting me. C'mon, loonies out to avenge themselves seem to involve adult diapers every other day. Big Whoop!

But, now, I'm all over this case. Listening to the news just now, I heard that they're questioning a man in Pennsylvania in the case. And how did they track this guy down? It seems that this particular brand of adult diaper is only sold in this one small town in PA. Who know there was a market for boutique adult diapers? Micro-diaperies?

GF's theory is that they're special Amish diapers.

I'll update you as I hear more.


John the Scientist said...

New product. Test market.

Nathan said...

Oh sure, John. Get all logical on me.

Jeff Hentosz said...

I just had a great idea: a gambling web site that trades solely on wagers as to which version of Law & Order gets which news headlines. This one, for example, is way Criminal Intent, but has definite SVU tendancies.

I have to go look into setting up an off-shore bank account to seed this baby. See ya' at the country club, sucka!

Nathan said...

Jeff, your Law & Order idea has merit. I want in.