Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today's Blog Entry That Really is Today's Blog Entry That Really is Awfully Anti-clmactic After All of the Build-up

I got nothin'. OK, I admit it. Those two previous posts today were a desperate stalling tactic.

I am bereft of originality, observational powers, Eureka moments and even a way to end this sentence.

I am amused that I read about some people lining up outside of a Wisconsin polling place at 6:30 this morning. Their Primary isn't until the 19th.

I am amused that if you Google "Strahan, we're New Yorkers", Polybloggimous is the third hit. (Did I just knock it up to #1 with a second mention?) Update: Yes, yes I did!

I am amused that each time I've come back in today from running around, my freezer has been mysteriously rearranged.

But other than that...not so much. Feel free to throw things at me.

And Todd, On Basilisk Station was on the very top layer of the very top box I opened. On the way tomorrow. Thanks for the patience.


Shawn Powers said...

I too am rather unexciting. My creativity juices (eiw) are being poured into a few different projects. My blog, she suffers.

There is an interesting banter about the story behind an alleged squirrel shooting over at Random Michelle's. Sorta. ;)

Jim Wright said...

Alleged squirrel slaughter? I am so there. It's got to be more exciting than Nathan's anticlimactic snooze fest. :P

It's OK Nathan, I took the tour of your neighborhood in pictures again. That's easily good for several days. Though I am emphatically not a city boy, I do love to visit places like your neighborhood. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me...Mr. Nelson from Jonson's blog. I am not a racist and appreciate your level headed direction in showing me where to find info on Barack. My question is: certain people in the Jonson blog have made comments regarding Romney being a Mormon. Although my "muslim" comment was in jest, why is THAT off limits, but Mormon's? we can make fun of them all day!

Nathan said...

Mr. Nelson,

I don't recall seeing the Mormon comments, so I got nothing for you there. FWIW, I thought the whole Muslim thing was about 75% just misinformed and only 25% racist.

All in all, though, its Jonson's Blog and his to regulate. Mine's a very new blog and it hasn't come up here yet, so I'll answer that question for this place when it rears its ugly head.

Frankly, I was waiting for a certain appendage who comments over there sometimes to appear and make a plea for elevating the tone of the conversation, but jonson seems to have shut the comments down. :-)

I'm glad you found your way to Polybloggimous and hope you'll stop in often. Its not at all the same vibe as jonsonblog but I hope its fun in its own way. Take off your shoes and have a look around.

Nathan said...

Follow up to Mr. Nelson,

I may not have been clear enough above. I'm not pointing fingers at you (at all), but I hope I'll be very even handed when it comes to stomping on ass-hattery, here.

MWT said...

*dashes past with flailing arms*

The chickens! They're revolting!

*runs around in circles*

I think they want their livers back!!

*dashes out*

Nathan said...


That was clearly Ass-hattery.

But the type that's wholly approved around here.

MWT said...

So ... no FOOM! then?

Actually I'm almost positive you posted somewhere a while ago that we're allowed to be off-topic willy-nilly if we so desire. And here I was, having a giddy moment. ;)

Nathan said...

First of all, I said what you posted was approved. Second of all, I defy you to tell me what the topic of this thread is anyway.

Random Michelle K said...

Ice cream and squirrels.

Do I get any points for that?

Nathan said...

No points for Ice Cream and squirrels Michelle.

However, there are many points to be scored for participation in today's completely retarded exercise.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I DO like it here. Cozy. Jonson's blog is a little less friendly to those who may think differently. I will try to be on my best behavior. Can you welcome a Republican Conservative?

Nathan said...

Mr. Nelson.

1. Republican Conservatives totally welcome here.

Like I said, I'm new here and I'll be trying to take guidance from the way some other bloggers I admire handle disagreements. (Link to "Whatever" from my sidebar and read his rules for commenting. I mostly agree with those, although I suspect I have less of an "I don't care what you think of me" attitude than he does.)

The short version for me is, Please don't call me or other guests names. I don't like that. OTOH, feel free to say things like "that's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard" (and as a so-far, somewhat lonely conservative here, be prepared to hear it). :D

Now go to todays post and help us blow some shit up!

Nathan said...


I really like jonsonblog and I haven't noticed any particular nastiness over there. I'm not as regular there as some other places so I may have missed something, but I've never noticed anything. (The only time anyone ever slapped me over there, they removed the comment on their own.)(and that was a slap for being boring...which I'll cop to in that instance.)

John the Scientist said...

Mr. Nelson,

I'm a libertarian Conservative and I comment here off an on. The rest of these goons seem to tolerate me OK. Even if I am a registered Republican (for primary purposes).

But be prepared for much bashing from me if you're a YEC Conservative Republican. And hopefully you can see the humor in this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, you are all so wonderful here. I really appreciate the libertarian conservative chiming in. I remember Drew Carey once stated "A libertarian is a conservative who get's high". Right up my alley. Since the Republican party seems to have abandoned its conservative principles, I am considering a defection TO the libertarian party. Tough call, since I live in South Orange County. I love Jonsblog, and his humor is second to none. I just don't always feel welcome around liberals; but in America, we have to accept eachothers differences.

Nathan said...

Yeah, Yeah, Mr. Snavely,

Save the sweetness and light. Get yer ass over to today's thread and blow something up.

Nathan said...

Oops, that's Nelson...not Snavely.

Snavely's been doing his duty since much earlier today.

Anonymous said...
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