Friday, February 22, 2008

First Snow Worth Talking About.

Yes, I took these pictures through the front window because it warm and dry inside.

Local news is, of course, predicting the end of the world!


John the Scientist said...

Local news up here is predicting 7 inches. But it's so light and powdery I'm not even getting out the blower. And I have a 150 foot diveway on a hill.

Nathan said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. The prediction here is 6" to 10". Oh nooeeeees! Stock up on bread and milk! How will we survive?

Actually, I'm gearing up to go out and shovel. I've got the front steps (8 of them) and about 25' of (10' wide) sidewalk to deal with.

Tom said...

Nathan, I was just planning a post about snow in Boston. An inch on the ground, and the hospital is letting half it's staff go home!

Do you know we have impressively similar posts about the blog ratings, including both referenceing Anne's comment thread!

Great minds think alike!

(and Nathan replies, "so what does that have to do with us?)

Jim Wright said...

Local news up here is predicting 7 inches

Hmph, I get spam that predicts a lot more than a mere 7 inches...

Funny, here in Alaska, at least my part of it, most of the snow has melted off.

I used to live in DC (moved there from Alaska), one day we got about a quarter inch of snow. Frankly I didn't even notice it. I got up, drove into work (Southern MD to downtown) and thought WTF? Nobody was on the road. It was freakin' great, I made it downtown in 20 minutes, usually it was a two hour drive. When I got to the federal building, there was nobody there but the desk guard. WTF I says to him. He looked at me like I was insane. "The Snow, My God, how did you make it in through the snow?" Snow? What snow?

Best day I ever had at the NMIC, not another soul in the building, no interruptions, no meetings - I got more done that day than in the rest of the three years I was there.

On the way home I passed panicked people running up the sidewalks with bags of canned food and bottled water.

City dwellers, you guys crack me up.

Nathan said...


Almost the entire Noon news broadcast was about the snow. OMGOMGOMG! And then, they carried Mayor Bloomberg's press conference live for 45 minutes.

(He basically said, "Uh, its snowing. Slow down.)

Go back to Eric's blog and follow the link back to the CNN guy who got fired. He's got a post today that's pretty funny and riffs off of panicked news about weather.


Your mind will be fine. Just put a cold compress on it for 20 minutes.

neurondoc said...

I live in Bethesda, after having grown in NJ, and lived in upstate NY, New England and Philly, and I just can't get my head around the hoo-haw that goes on when a snow storm (god forbid) might happen. Today is a perfect example. The schools in MD and VA are all closed because there was some freezing rain overnight. Therefore, I am at home with a pleased-as-punch 5 year-old, trying to get work done. There isn't enough snow to go out and play in...

But worse than the "freak-outs" are the "imperviables" -- those that drive 4-wheel drive vehicles and think themselves impervious to crap on the road. I despise the big SUVs that crowd up my butt and then disdainfully speed by while I'm driving responsibly in crappy weather. Then again there's that delicious schadenfreunde (sp?) when I come upon them a mile down the road spun out into a ditch.

Natalie (should I be Nat the Gnat, Jr.?)

Nathan said...


I grew up in Florida and the first snow I ever saw was when I was eighteen. A friend took me to a closed shopping center to teach me how to drive in it. He had a restored Willys Jeep (Yeah, one of real ones from WWII).

The first thing he told me was that the 4W drive was perfectly good for getting started, but only made for more spectacular slides when stopping.

And, yes, you may take possession of Nat the Gnat, Jr.

Welcome to the mob.

neurondoc said...

The first thing he told me was that the 4W drive was perfectly good for getting started, but only made for more spectacular slides when stopping.

Sort of like a large dog trying desperately to stop when skidding on a slippery floor. Funny for humans to watch, probably not so funny for the dog...

Seeing as I am from North Jersey, I guess I need a mob nickname, but I don't fancy anything with "Gnat" in it -- too many (not-)funny people making name jokes when I was a kid. As for nicknames, I am (not surprisingly) much more prone to pick evil sounding medical names, given my profession (neurologist).

Nathan said...

Well I'm certainly not gonna stick you with a handle you don't want. Stop in at the proper thread and we'll see if we can't get you fixed up with something that works. Every mob needs a "brains behind the operation." If you don't want to be the brain, you can maybe tweak some of ours.

Tania said...

People getting worked up over snow? Hmmph. Silly people.

John the Scientist said...

All right, this is getting too weird.

My dad's folks lived in Bethesda, on Elsemere Ave, just down Rockville Pike from NIH.

I'm starting to think this UCF stuff is an NSA plot to keep tabs on me...

Nathan said...


We can close up shop. John's onto us.