Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still Time to Enter the Oscar Pool.

I said I'd run the Oscar Pool if we got up to 5 entrants. We currently have 7, so its on!

Anyone who still wants to enter, the deadline is Noon EST, tomorrow. (Yeah, Sunday, doofus).

I've also held out on telling you what the prize would be. Holding out no more!

About half-way through shooting Private Parts Howard Stern had just gotten over a persistent flu and had T-Shirts made up for the crew.

I'll post a picture tomorrow, but, in a bow to Winston Churchill, it says, "Day 45...This is not the end. It's not even the beginning of the end.. But I pray it's the end of the beginning."

Its "signed", Lance Eluction, New York 1996. This was the name Howard was using to register at his hotel.

C'mon guys. Genuine movie swag. Can you do better than that?


Random Michelle K said...

(suspicious look)

That doesn't sound like it would take very long to read.

Nathan said...

Well JayZus, Mishka!

I specifically said this one wasn't gonna be for a book. It's a friggin T-shirt. Howard Stern gave it to me. Its kewl.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Have you washed it? 'Cause ya just don't know where that guy's been.

Nathan said...

It has been washed. I'll even wash it again before shipping.

Its suitable for wearing, framing or selling on Ebay.

Its a FREE FUCKING PRIZE fegodzsake!

Tom said...

I cannot conceive of such ingratefulness from possible receipients of such an impossibly cool prize. It is inconceivable! Inconceiveable, I say!

Hey wait a minute. What am I doing kissing up to Nathan? He's not going to choose the winner! Our own entries will be doing that. Our own brilliance at picking the correct winners in each category. That is what will earn one of us the prize. Kissing up to Nathan will have no bearing on the outcome.

Still, sounds like a true piece of American movie biz memorabillia, a wonder of uniqueness, to me.

But what the Hell do I know?

Jeff Hentosz said...


I can't find my picks. How am I doing so far?

And why aren't you liveblogging this thing? Put down the pizza rolls and get to work.

Nathan said...

Jeez Jeff. Live blogging it didn't even occur to me. I'm a slacker.

My evil plan was to keep track of the thing and then post a wiener.

And I'm not even looking at people's picks until its time to compare them to the actual outcome. Did you pick those French make up artists? Jeez, Norbit robbed again.

Nathan said...

Oh, and BTW,

Who are you to call me on my slackertude, Mr. hasn't posted to his blog since December 6th. Hmmmmmmm?

Jeff Hentosz said...

1) So, I had to go to the can and only caught bits of that make-up thing -- did they win for turning Edith Piaf into an old Japanese man, or what? But, I'm serious. I don't remember what I picked (the suspense is killing me).

2) Shut up. It was Dec. 8.

Nathan said...

old Japanese man.


Srsly, Jeff, I copied your entry into a folder and never gave it a look. You'll just have to wait.

Oooh. Look. Jessica Alba giving the geek awards.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Ooh, ooh, I totally had Robert Boyle for Honorary Oscar!

::rubs hands::

I'm so getting a new T-shirt...

Nathan said...


You may win, but its a really OLD T-shirt.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Best Song -- honestly the awesomest award so far. I haven't seen it, but my daughter loved Once, and I remember that guy as the lead guitarist in The Commitments, one of my and my wife's favorites.

And Jon Stewart is a class act.(<--period)

Jeff Hentosz said...

Ooh, Dead Roll...shh...

Tania said...

Well, I got nine out of twenty. Two of the ones that did win were my alternate picks. I'm shocked I did as well as I did. Completely shocked.

Thanks for the fun!