Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Blog Entry That Doesn't Really Count As Today's Blog Entry

I've got some stuff to do this morning, but I didn't want to run out
without saying "Hi"!


I've gotta go do that Citizen Thing and vote in the NY Democratic Primary. No, I'm not saying who because:

-most of you probably know anyway
-I'm happy with the idea of a secret ballot
-if the way I'm voting is going to influence any of you, well, let's just say you should be looking for more authoritative influences.

I've gotta go to the vet's office and pick up more of Ollie's super-stinky, super-nutritious, turns into disgusting gloppy gruel cat food. He's eating some on his own, but still not enough to stop the force feedings. Did I mention he had gained some weight back on his last visit to the vet. He did! Yay!

I declare this an open thread until I can get back (and think of something to write about today).

Suggested Topic: How well does Amazon predict things you'd like to buy?

Use the topic or not. Talk Later.

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! I forgot. Just wanted to remind you all that there's a little thing over in the sidebar to tell you which chapter of "There's No Crying in the War Room" has been most recently posted. Look to your right. No, your other right.


Shawn Powers said...

Not well. I was strictly vegan a few years back, for health reasons (ie, I had bad health), and so I bought a few vegan cookbooks. Believe it or not, when things aren't all meat flavored, making them taste good is a challenge.

Anyway, Amazon is quite certain that I'm dying to buy any stupid vegan anything that hits their virtual shelves. In fact, the deluge of vegan cookbooks in my suggested to buy items often makes me want to kick a puppy, and eat my daughter's goldfish.

Ok, that's not really true. My daughter doesn't have a goldfish. We do however have a puppy. And it's football sized...

Anne C. said...

I'd have to agree with Shawn. I often buy gifts on Amazon and so it thinks I want those things in the future. I know there's a process by which you can go in and say "use this for suggestions, don't use that," but it takes time and right now I don't have much.

Random Michelle K said...

(roots around in Nathan's fridge)

Any chocolate ice cream in here?

Nathan said...

Amazon does an amazingly good job of suggesting things I'd like...90% of which is stuff I've already bought and read. Thanks Amazon.

Barnes & Noble, on the other hand, seems to have no idea whatsoever what would appeal to me. I got an email from them this morning that seemed heavily skewed to Crime Dramas and Women's Health Issues.


I found some Mint Chocolate Chip and I eated it. Hah!

Random Michelle K said...

Mint Chocolate chip? No thanks.

What I'm really craving right now is Graeter's chocolate ice cream. That's like the best stuff in the world.

(goes off to see if Graeter's ships their ice cream)

Nathan said...

Graeters ships, but at something like $10.00/pint, they can keep the stuff.

Random Michelle K said...


It would be $70 to ship six pints.

I'm thinking road trip.

Nathan said...

Well, if you're actually going to make the trip I might be open to having you send some my way. (That's assuming it costs half as much in the store).

Random Michelle K said...

We bought six pints packed in dry ice last time we were there, but I can't remember how much it cost.

It was worth it though.

Even after we went to Graeter's after almost every single meal while we were there.